Starting Business Challenges and How to Solve Them

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Overcome Business ObstaclesStarting a new business is never as easy or as simple as one might think. Failure is a real probability with any new business, many within the first year. Other businesses take hold and grow into solid enterprises that bring economic stability for the owners. However, in order to succeed, business owners need to do much more than simply launch a business without considering the ramifications of operating a business on both a day-to-day and long-term basis.


Too often, passion takes the place of careful planning. Business owners get overly excited about offering their product or services, they do not think to put into place a plan for the business, goals they wish to achieve, a missions statement and steps to take to make their business a success. Two months, six months or a year down the road, they do not know what to do because they have no plan in place and no focus. The solution for this challenge, is to sit down, even if the business has already launched, and create a business plan, goals, business focus and how to hone in on the core of the business. This provides a plan for moving forward with confidence, and allows the business owners to execute these plans.


A successful business is all about the proper handling of the finances. When money matters get muddled, it is because owners have not put in place a good financial system. Before ever launching, a business needs to have enough on hand to operate for at least a year or until the business shows a profit. Every penny of income must be accounted for in a business accounting system. Overcome financial challenges with adequate backing, following a budget and the use of an accounting system.

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Taxes, Certifications, Licenses and More

Many businesses require more than a website and promotional literature. An owner does not want to launch a business only to be slapped with either fines or “cease and desist” orders. Make sure to research all needed legal ramifications and meet all legal requirements before starting the business. Keeping good records also aids owners during tax time.

Time Management

Owners go into business because they have a passion for certain aspects of the business. However, as owners, they need to realize they need to manage their time wisely, spending time accordingly with each aspect of the business. In addition, as the owner you need to separate yourself from time consuming tasks, and dedicate your time to the most profitable aspects of the business.


Promotion is key in building a successful business. If finances are strained, ads purchased need to be carefully placed for maximum return. The problem of advertising dollars can be solved by thinking in terms of free and low-cost advertising through press releases, use of social media, word of mouth as well as business cards and flyers. In addition, you need to remember to test, test and test! For instance, one should spend money on advertising and find out which method is working the best for them. When they find that right style of advertising, they need to scale it and watch their business grow immensely.

Cutting Losses

Sometimes business owners are so passionate about a product or service, they lose perspective. Owners need to make difficult decisions, if it doesn’t sell, let it go.

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For every business challenge, there is a solution. Think things through, be ready to adapt, and when something is working be ready to scale.

Janet Wright is the head of customer support at SellMart. Janet writes with experience as she witnessed her company overcome many of these challenges. If you’d like to get in touch with Janet feel free to reach out to her on facebook.

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