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What do you think of this startups below? They are all run by young entrepreneurs looking to make their name in this world. Everyone needs advice to mold and shape their idea. Each startup has some questions that they need answering or just leave your thoughts on the companies in the comments below. Lets see if we can give these young guns some feedback to take these or their next ventures to the next level!

What can we at Under30CEO do to better help these startups get feedback here? Different questions, different format, etc…? What are everyone’s ideas on how to highlight these entrepreneurs and get them the feedback they need to get to the next level?

iswearingWhat is the story behind your company?

Each founder has startup experience and we met randomly through the ycombinator cofounder wishlist spreadsheet.  Shane founded and he’s working on (recently got press from this week in startups) and Bob founded Smarter and Pennza Detailing in Central New Jersey.

They met one day and talked about ideas.  A few weeks later, they got back in touch and discussed a few ideas.  Within a week, they had the basic outlines for and had the alpha version of the website online in less than three weeks from having the idea.

They thought it would be cool to be able to see how clothes look on real people before buying them and would be awesome to hook up a buying engine so you can quickly find similar clothes online.

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What makes your company unique in its industry?

We’re the only real time fashion company that allows you to buy items as they’re seen on people in large numbers.

Future plans for the company?

Growing the Business

Founders and Ages:

Shane Snow – 25
Bob Cavezz – 24

Help answer their questions!

Question 1: Getting more accurate search terms
Question 2: Keeping visitors engaged
Question 3: Having users come back and post frequently

map a chat

What is the story behind your company?

I was a senior in high school when I thought of the idea. I was getting ready to go off to college and when I got there, I realized how big of a place college actually was. I wanted to find out what was being said on and off campus to help get a grasp on the college experience. So that’s when I took the idea and actually created Mapachat. Mapachat allows students to interact with each other and figure out what is being said in certain buildings on campus or spots off campus, where the student body has a presence.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

With the power house social networks like Facbeook, Twitter, and Foursquare, it is hard to start any social networking idea. Although there are some obsticles to get around when starting any new business, Mapachat is very unique. Mapachat only allows users with .edu email addresses to sign up. Once users log in, students are assigned to their college/university’s network, where then, they can interact with each other. The cool thing about Mapachat is, is that you can only post within your network. You can go and view what is being said at other colleges/universities, but if you don’t belong to that school, then you cant post there. In each network, Mapachat tracks the most popular people, places, and topics within each network, so users have a better grasp on what is going on around their campus.

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Future plans for the company?

Right now, we have 9 colleges fully geo-located. We plan on expanding to 25 colleges by the end of the year. The main concern right now is to develop the concept to the point where it is flawless. We are in the process of raising capital for Mapachat and getting users on the site to test out the concept.

Founders and Ages:

Greg Snow – 19

Help answer their questions!

Question 1: What is the best way to approach angel investors?
Question 2: How do I make a site go viral?
Question 3: At what point to do I know my site is big enough to approach advertisers?

Billy JinksWhat is the story behind your company?

Billy Jinks, 21, founded his Arizona-based company, Lexani Limousines LLC, at age 15. With a fascination of limousines starting at age 5, Billy spent is childhood years refining his knowledge of the industry, learning more about limousines than most adults in the business. He decided to jumpstart his future with the help of his parents by establishing Lexani Limousines, a $3 million business, which has doubled its revenue each year since opening in 2004.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

One of the profitable aspects was Lexani Limousine’s corporate accounts, which proved to be a stable part of his business year after year. Jinks ensured a strong relationship with those accounts to not only make sure they continued to do business with him, but also so they could provide referrals.

Each Lexani vehicle is equipped with the latest technology including flat screen TVs, I-pod adapters and more.

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Future plans for the company?

Expansion throughout Arizona and possibly nationwide.

Founders and Ages:

Billy Jinks, age 21

Help answer their questions!

Question 1: How are other businesses succeeding in this economy?
Question 2: Is it easier to be a entrepreneur at an earlier age rather than waiting?
Question 3: What are some ways other entrpreneurs network?

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