Startup Hot Seat: Trademark Armor vs Business Empire Consulting

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What do you think of this start-ups below? They are all run by young entrepreneurs looking to make their name in this world. Everyone needs advice to mold and shape their idea. Each start-up has some questions that they need answering or just leave your thoughts on the companies in the comments below. Lets see if we can give these young guns some feedback to take these or their next ventures to the next level!

trademark armorWhat is the story behind your company?

As an attorney working with small and large business owners, I realized that when it came to trademarks, small businesses were under-served by the legal community.

From that realization, I decided to develop a niche practice in trademarks. I left my small firm and opened my own law office, emphasizing trademark work. As an entrepreneur myself, I knew how important trademarks can be and how expensive the process can be if a small business person hires a major law firm to secure a trademark. My idea is to provide expert, personalized service to trademark seekers at a fraction of the cost that a big law firm, right in my D.C. neighborhood, would charge.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

Large law firms and so-called intellectual property boutiques generally do an excellent job in obtaining trademarks for their clients, but they are very expensive. A trademark registration can run to several thousand dollars, which can be prohibitive to a start-up company.

At the other end, there are firms that promise a trademark registration for much less. However, these firms often don’t have an attorney reviewing the application, much less provide individualized service to their clients.

My company provides top-flight trademark service to entrepreneurs around the nation and around the world at an affordable cost.

Future plans for the company?

I would like to become nationally known as a “go-to” lawyer for small businesses and start-up companies that need top-quality trademark services.


Founders and Ages:

Josh Gerben, age 29

Help answer their questions!

Question 1: My first challenge, as my business grows, is to maintain the level of quality service that I have always given my clients. I have represented nearly 900 entrepreneurs and business people and have always been proud of the work that I have done. I want to make sure that my quality remains the same
Question 2: My second challenge grows out of the fact that as a solo entrepreneur myself, I face countless demands on my limited time. The challenge is to pursue those activities that are likely to help make my business succeed and to defer or to delegate the activities that can successfully be deferred or delegated.
Question 3: My third challenge is a marketing challenge. It involves convincing potential clients – small business people and entrepreneurs — that my work is of significantly higher quality than that produced by other firms that do a huge volume of trademark work. Although I don’t compete with major international law firms, I do compete with non-legal services offering trademark services that completely fail to serve their clients’ needs

business empire consultingWhat is the story behind your company?

Bryan Young started Business Empire Magazine after nearly going bankrupt at the age of 20. With no outside help he built a trucking company he started at 17, to a total of 22 trucks and over $5 million in total assets. Wanting to show people how to avoid his mistakes he started Business Empire Magazine in August 2008. After meeting Matthew Laster, two months later the two grew the magazine to more than 4,000 visitors a day. Struggling to make money and in high demand with alumni of their college they decided to start building websites. Seeing that most business owners were being misinformed or misunderstood technology Bryan and Matt started getting paid to advise companies on technology. In less than a year Bryan has become the youngest CEO to ever receive the Triangle Business Journal’s prestigious 40 Under 40 award. Even in today’s economy their revenues are up by 365% from the fourth quarter of last year and the client portfolio includes many well known companies on a local and national level.

What makes your company unique in its industry?

Well we are showing tremendous growth in a down economy both from a revenue and employees hired standpoint. We’ve created technology core consulting which allows companies to harness our resourcefulness, creativity and innovation without actually having to hire us.

Future plans for the company?

We plan to generate $2 million in revenue in two years with our consulting work. We have already developed two SAaS products, have an AAU organization and are currently starting a non-profit. Our plan is to keep growing as a whole and reach $10 million in total assets within that two year period as we make investments into property and more.


Founders and Ages:

Bryan Young, 23
Matthew Laster, 22

Help answer their questions!

Question 1: Dealing with our fast growth
Question 2: Our clientele and personal history makes every think we’re an established  company, even though we are still a start-up.
Question 3: Finding effective ways to market a service we created

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