Startup Mobile App Ideas To Make Money In 2021

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Startup Mobile App Ideas To Make Money In 2021

Planning to make it big in 2021 but not sure where to start? Why not build a mobile app targeted at solving a real-life problem? 

It’s estimated that there will be 258 billion mobile app downloads annually by 2022. Moreover, app store spending is expected to reach $157 billion, an increase of 92% by 2022. With the app market expected to grow at such an exponential rate, it would be a smart idea for people to start monetizing their ideas of a startup mobile app in 2021. 

If you are also looking forward to building a mobile application, here are some of the best startup mobile app ideas for 2021 that you can use to grow your business

1. Blockchain Security App 

Every app we use accesses our personal data in some form or another. It could be our media, storage, calls, messages, camera, mic, etc. This often causes concern over data security. One way to address this concern is by developing a mobile application that secures personal data. You could consider using blockchain to secure it. This would be one of the most promising real-life uses of blockchain technology

Blockchain is a common buzzword that has every tech enthusiast on their feet right now. The use of blockchain is no longer limited to cryptocurrencies. Many industries are exploring this technology to secure their business operations and transactions. 

A mobile app that records and shares the data of each digital transaction taking place via any mobile application on the smartphone could make life a lot easier and more secure. This app could be integrated with blockchain technology to secure every transaction of data and keep a secure record of it. It could also allow both parties to keep track of transfers and transactions in one place. 

2. Easy Parking App

With the increasing population and everyone owning a car for comfort, finding a parking spot is becoming next to impossible in metro cities. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get an app that would let you find the nearest parking spot and book it in advance for you? It would make finding a parking spot easier and save so much time otherwise spent trying to find a spot. 

This app could have two interfaces: one for drivers and another for parking lot or spot owners. The app could allow them to make their parking spot available for drivers and show real-time insights on available spots. Drivers could open the app and find the nearest parking spot. 

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Additional functionality could be to reserve a spot via the app. This could let drivers choose the location of their parking spot, find the nearest spots, and reserve a spot. 

3. Fuel Delivery On-Demand

One of the worst things to happen on the road is to run out of fuel. While there are so many fuel stations and charging spots at quick intervals on all highways and routes, there are times when your car runs out before you reach those stations. Such a situation can be very pestering. 

There could be an app that provides fuel on-demand. This app could have a similar interface to cab-hailing apps where it sees your real-time location through GPS. One could order services to provide fuel at the location anytime. Another feature would be to connect with the nearest fuel station so that the fuel could be delivered within a short period of time. 

There should be an option for the person to select the kind of fuel their vehicle is powered by. Such a mobile application would find a place in everyone’s smartphone and cater to a huge audience base if it gets built in 2021. 

4. An App For People You’ve Met

We’ve all had awkward situations where we don’t remember the name or details of a person. Such things are bound to happen considering the number of people we meet each day. Your mind isn’t capable of storing the data of each individual, but a mobile app can. With data science becoming bigger, creating an app that stores and collects personal data from each interaction could be exceptional. 

There should be an app that stores the data of each person you’ve met and notifies you with their name, contact details, face, etc. when you come in contact again. It should have the option to connect with the phones of an individual or even scan through the face to show the details. This could make things really easy and cut down on all the awkward conversations or staring when you meet them. 

5. Originality Determination App

In a world of fakes, it is pretty easy to be fooled when buying stuff. No matter how eagle-eyed you are, you can easily fall prey to such scammers. If only there could be an app that could solve this misery and help people point out the original from the fakes. 

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Entrepreneurs can build a mobile application that will help determine the originality of items. The app should allow you to scan the items, be it packaged goods, gift items, branded items, home utility items, or any other good. With a simple scan, this app should tell it all by using the latest technologies like machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence to build algorithms that could rate the product. 

You can always take the MVP route with this startup mobile app idea. Start off with this feature and then move ahead with adding more features. Another add-on would be to add the feature of monitoring the quality of the fresh items. It could scan and monitor fruits, vegetables, etc., to give a score about their freshness. 

6. Gift Suggestion

How many times have we all been petrified by the idea of finding the perfect gift for someone and ended up sending gift vouchers instead! It is almost 2021 and there should be an end to this dilemma. A great startup app idea for 2021 would be to create an app that suggests the best gift for different occasions. 

The app should allow the user to select a budget, occasion, gender, interests, etc., and suggest the perfect gift.

You can get MVP development of the app first with the main feature of suggesting gifts. As the next steps, you can move ahead and add ecommerce functionality to allow people to buy from the mobile app as well. 

7. Bug Detection App

There are several bugs that one can face when working on a smartphone. Each app has its own bugs that need real-time fixes. While these bugs might be small, they might cause a lot of unease and discomfort. And the worst happens when you are not even able to detect what the issue is. 

To simplify life, it would be a great idea to get a mobile app for bug detection. This app could be used for detecting the bugs in any app and offering an instant solution. It would look for the solution on the internet and different portals to find the solution. 

This app could have the functionality to let people add screenshots of the same on the app and get a quick solution for it. 

8. The Comparison App

With online shopping taking over physical store shopping, comparing items on different sites becomes quite frustrating. It becomes extremely hassling when you have to go through Google, Youtube, and other different comparison sites to find the best fit out of different products. 2021 would be a great year to make comparison shopping easier with a comparison app. 

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You can start with an MVP with the first feature being cost comparison. It can have the functionality of adding screenshots of the products to analyze the product using artificial intelligence or data science. It can then compare the costs of the products online. 

Apart from the cost, it can also show a complete comparison of the products by fetching data from different sources. It can also show features and reviews of the products from across the web to ease decision-making for the user. 

9. Track Your Symptoms

Have you ever tried Googling your symptoms to find what’s wrong with you? We’re sure you must’ve had a mini heart attack seeing the diseases Google has diagnosed you with. Whether it is a headache, cold, chest pain, cough, dizziness, or any other illness, you might be diagnosed with a big-time illness. 

There should be an app that lets you track the symptoms. It can ask the user to enter the symptoms and add details like body temperature, blood pressure, and heartbeats. 

Such an app could be great in helping people diagnose the problem at home before it gets too late. This can also help minimize the damage caused and even save lives in case of issues that need instant treatment. 

In later stages, the app can even have the feature to add doctors who can also connect with the users if they wish to consult. It can allow real-time connections between doctors and the users to find a solution and get medicines for less intense illnesses. 

The Next Step

The mobile app usage graph is shooting up with each passing day. And it is certain that entrepreneurs are looking for ways to encash this smartphone addiction. And with such awesome startup app ideas, they should definitely take the leap and move on to the development stage. 

Joining hands with an expert in the app development niche could be a great way to start with materializing the idea. Such experts could help in each stage of the app development, from ideation and research to development and launch. They can help you build the perfect app from scratch while incorporating all the latest technologies. 

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