10 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video

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10 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video

In today’s digital world, it is clear that consumers want to connect to the brands they love. In fact, consumers want to see more corporate video content from businesses they support. 

With people spending more of their time watching online videos, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of creating captivating and inspiring videos for your company. Unfortunately, most businesses get it wrong when it comes to corporate videos. 

Capturing amazing aerial shots of your headquarters and having quality audio recordings are not enough anymore to engage your audience and make your message resonate. In this post, you’ll learn how to make a corporate video that stands out and amazes customers.

Pick a Purpose 

There are multiple types of corporate videos, and you need to decide which kind you want to produce. Corporate videos are used for many different purposes: to introduce a company to consumers, to help sway investors, to raise brand awareness, to promote new products, to entice potential applicants, to share information internally, or to market an event. 

To help determine your goal in producing a video, be sure to consult other stakeholders. Identify potential challenges. What if you would like to create a professional video, but you don’t have the time or skill? If you need help, visit this site to try out a corporate video maker app.


One smart way to decide what video to produce is through brainstorming. This process will allow you to exchange ideas and choose a storyline, style format, and video production method that will lead to the best return on investment. Pick a team and inform everyone of what will be discussed in the brainstorming session to ensure everyone comes prepared with ideas. 

Everyone should bring at least one idea to the table. It can be anything from an introduction hook, an interesting lead character or visual effects ideas. Make sure you note down each suggestion for future use.

Identify Your Target Audience

Although you may want your business to appeal to everyone, you should narrow down and focus on a specific group. A video that delights investors and partners won’t necessarily appeal to your customers. Every audience has unique requirements and interests, so plan to speak to only one group in your video. 

Once you settle on a specific audience, shaping your message becomes easier. You’ll know what tone, content, and video format to use and which platform to share the video on.

Appeal to Emotions

Most companies focus on highlighting facts and stats in their corporate videos. Yet, consumers make purchase decisions based on how they feel about a brand. With this in mind, work to wrap your message around a story that draws an emotional response from the viewer. This will help form an emotional bond and create a lasting impression. 

When looking for a story, ask yourself what inspires your audience, what values they treasure, and what motivates them to buy from you. Remember that divulging some personal information about yourself or employees can help forge strong ties with consumers.

Show, Don’t Tell

If the video you want to create is about a new product, show what it can do instead of simply talking about it. Demonstrating using visuals captures the viewer’s attention and allows them to view themselves using your product. Instead of listing the best features of your product or explaining how your service works, use animations or motion graphics to illustrate how it works.

Get to the Point Early

Unlike Hollywood videos where the director uses teasers to keep the viewer guessing, corporate videos should introduce the main point early. If viewers can’t tell what they are in for in the first few seconds, they will fast-forward or abandon the video altogether. Heighten their interest by introducing your video with a hook and quickly explaining the main topic. 

From there, you can touch on other things before focusing on the topic again. Finally, don’t end your video abruptly. Wrap up with an impactful video content conclusion and let the viewer know how they can further engage with your brand.

Remember to Keep it Short and Simple

Getting traffic to your video is one thing. But getting people to watch all of it and then finally convert is nearly impossible today. Most viewers don’t have time to sit through a social media clip, let alone a corporate video. You have just eight seconds to grab the viewer’s attention and less than two and a half minutes to tell your story and convince your prospects. Anything longer than that and you risk losing your audience.

Give It a Professional Feel

Just because you or one of your employees knows a few things about video doesn’t mean you should produce it yourself. A cheap video may do more harm than good. Although consumers aren’t expecting a cinema-quality video, they still want to see a quality production. Since there are multiple steps involved in making a powerful video, work with a video production company for the best results.

The professionals can help you fine-tune your story, choose the cast and voiceover talent, pick the appropriate wardrobe, decide on the proper lighting, edit the content, and take care of other logistics during the production process.

Choose Your Location Wisely

The location you choose to shoot the video has a significant impact on its look and feel. You need to be aware of the challenges of each location and plan accordingly. An outdoor setting may have unpredictable weather and noise, while shoots in an office setting may be hampered by distractions. 

These issues may lead to more editing work, inflating the cost of production. Working with a seasoned videographer will help you pick an ideal location that matches the type of video you want.

Proper Distribution

10 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video

Editing and uploading your video isn’t the last part of the video production journey. In fact, it’s just the beginning. There is so much video content online, you need to figure out how to get your video in front of the people you are targeting. You can create sneak peek clips talking about your upcoming video to build anticipation. 

Apart from posting your video on your website, share it on your company’s social media pages and with your email contacts. You can also seek the help of influencers to promote it. To learn how your video promotion efforts are doing, don’t forget to measure key video performance metrics.

Stand Out From the Noise

Corporate videos don’t have to be dull and boring. Companies are now changing how they present their brand to consumers, and they are now using personal stories, humor, and enticing graphics to captivate their audience. To differentiate yourself from your competition, start thinking outside the box.

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