How to Dominate Your Goals and Achieve Freedom

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Want to start a business?

Be an entrepreneur?

Achieve the freedom that everyone desires?

But are you sure entrepreneurship is for you?  Are you pursuing your dreams for the right reasons?

In this week’s interview, Jason Bay from Gen Y Success drops his formula for setting goals that are vision oriented AND executable.

Jason Bay is the founder of GenY Success and the host of The GenY Success Show. He’s a millennial himself and he’s fascinated by what makes the successful entrepreneurs of our generation tick.

He prides himself on being able to help millennials answer three critical questions:

  • Starting a business sounds great and I have several ideas, but how do I even get started?
  • I don’t want to quit my job unless I have a solid business…what should I do?
  • I’ve started my business…now what? How do I get people to come to my website?

At the core of GenY’s mission is solving a simple problem that many of us find ourselves in:

“Finding a career path I love and having what it takes to make that dream a reality (and make it pay the bills)”

Over the last 7 years he’s been dedicated to solving that problem by mentoring adults across the country.

Listen in as Jason tells us his story of taking his first company from $400K in revenue in the first year to going straight out of business!  Click here to listen to his lessons!

As a gift to our listeners, Jason gives away his Success Toolkit full of apps and tools that his 80+ podcast guests have recommended to become more successful.


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