Best Stocks Research Tools for Young Investors

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Are you a beginner in stock trading? No problem! These stocks research tools for new investors will provide you with the edge you'll need.

Are you an absolute beginner at stock trading? No problem! These seven best stock research tools for investors will give you an added advantage over other investors. With a little practice, they’ll help you become a pro.


All successful stock traders agree that doing thorough research is the key to making the best stock investments.

When you take the time to research different stocks, you acquire better insight into which stocks are worth investing in. This gives you an added advantage over other investors and increases your chances of making more profits.

However, doing all the research yourself can be tedious, even pointless, if you do not know what to look for. For further assistance, this additional article discusses the top seven best stock market research tools that can help you master the stock market and learn how to maximize profits while avoiding losses. Below are our top seven picks.


This is a mobile trading platform designed for intelligent trading. It is entirely free, making it an ideal research tool for cost-conscious traders or those with a tight budget.

In addition, the app includes a paper trading feature consisting of real-time data, allowing users to test and try out the investment experience before they can start trading.

Moomoo is available on Windows, Apple, and Google devices. It features a wide range of impression tools that help users learn their way of stock trading, such as pre-market trading, international trading, post-marketing, and advanced charting tools. As a result, it can be used by both new and advanced investors.

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TradingView is a charting package and a research stock screening tool designed for all skill levels.

In addition, it features a wide range of research tools that help investors learn more about the market. For example, the package includes a custom script incorporation, a mobile app, and different screening criteria.

TradingView also provides access to paper trading accounts, which help users learn how to use various tools when trading. Furthermore, users are provided with a wide selection of educational tools, such as real-time market data, informative articles, and even regular live streams that feature successful traders and experts in the stock market.


This unique platform can be accessed both on the mobile app and on the desktop. It offers a wide selection of free trading options and 24/7 customer support.

However, while you can still use the app for free, you can register for the $59 subscription per month to access the pro account.

The best stock research tools that TradeZero provides include stock screeners, stock simulators, charting software, and trading newsletters. And the best thing about these tools is that they are easy to use and can be customized to fit each investor’s personal experience.

Motley Fool Stock Advisor

Motley Fool is ideal for young investors looking to grow their stocks long-term. The service focuses on those stocks with higher potential growth in different industries.

In addition, it recommends highly profitable companies worth investing in, such as Disney and Netflix.

When you subscribe to the service, you access the site’s history of recommendations and the “starter stocks.” These recommendations build a strong foundation for your portfolio as a young investor.

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Also, the stock advisor provides a newsletter that predicts the best five stocks that are worthy of investing in at the moment.

Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro is ideal for all skill levels, from young investors to advanced stock traders. It provides thorough research and up-to-date news on the market’s current situation.

For example, the company offers breaking news stories about the most traded companies. Sometimes these bulletins show up even before the company itself produces its official PR! For example, you could check out the latest and great on cybersecurity stocks before even the professionals know about it.

Other features that the Benzinga Pro platform offers include:

  • insiders of different companies;
  • calendar dates of dividends and reports; and
  • scanners and updates on the market.

The fast and up-to-date news feed gives investors a competitive advantage in the stock market.


The Trade-Ideas app uses AI-powered assistance called Holly. This virtual assistant researches and finds the best stocks for young investors by sifting through social media, technicals, and fundamentals.

Before the stock market opens daily, Holly runs more than one million simulated trades and determines the best stock investments with the highest probability and fewer associated risks.

Also, Trade-Ideas allow you to test a live simulated trading activity so that you demo the service without losing real cash. The platform provides you with all the data you need to determine the best investments and teaches you how to manage money.

Stock Rover

Stock Rover is a web-based applet mainly designed to help new investors keep track of their portfolios.

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The package comes with a wide selection of tools, such as correlation, performance information, trade planning facilities, and email performance reports.

Stock Rover allows users to research reports and detailed overviews of specific companies.

Among the best features of this app is the “Brokerage Connect.” This feature provides a clear view of all your portfolio holdings, making it the nest app for tracking and managing stocks.


As a young or new investor, you most probably are hesitant about trading in the stock market.

However, while stock trading might be pretty risky, it can make huge profits if you play your cards right. Therefore, before starting trading, use these seven best stock research tools for young investors to give you a deeper insight into when and how to go about your trading.

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