32 Million Users and Growing – Catherine Cook founder of myYearbook.com

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catherine cook

Who is Catherine Cook?

Catherine Cook is the founder of myYearbook.com which is one of the top 25 most visited sites in the United States. The idea came while she was browsing her high school yearbook to find that many of the pictures were just not that good and she thought she could do it better. She then launched the site with her brother David Cook in 2005 and saw 400 people from her school signup in the 1st week.

Today myYearbook.com has over 32million members, is growing by almost 20,000 people each day and does 30 million a year in revenue. Listen to the interview below to find out more about how she took her small idea and turned it into a must have for teens everywhere.

Questions in the interview:

1. How did you get the idea for myYearbook.com?

2. How old were you when you first started?

3. Starting a business as a high school sophomore is not exactly the norm. What did your family and friends think of the venture?

4. Was there a turning point for the idea and the business?

5. What is the size of the site today?

6. How would you say you have competed against the bigger social networks like Facebook?

7. What is your revenue model? What was it on day 1 and has it changed today?

8. What have been a couple of your biggest challenges while starting myYearbook?

9. What is 1 piece of advice you have for young entrepreneurs starting out today?

Note: This article was originally published in 2011, but was republished for reviewing. 

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