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by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / November 3, 2015


Do you wish you had a more creative life?  Are you looking for that thunderbolt of inspiration to hit you?

Today I talk to Marcella Chamorro, who’s expertise is in helping people have more peace of mind allowing them to experience more creative flow.

I’ve followed Marcella’s blog The Perpetual Vacation for years and even got to experience paradise in her home country of Nicaragua.  It’s an awesome conversation and I’m really looking forward to having you get to know us better…

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“I just wanted to be surrounded by more innovative young people and be involved in entrepreneurial people both online and offline.”

“You have to be very independent, you have to be scrappy, you have to really want to be here and you know nothing happens easily. “

“It doesn’t happen efficiently like the states and you have to have a lot of patience.”

“When I’m leading a group, I’m 100% committed to that group.”

“It’s very refreshing to be around people who take life for just what it is.”

“I would much rather just be hanging with the group and showing them the time of their lives.”

“As you grow, business things change.”

“When you start as an entrepreneur, as a co-founder, at the end of the day everything relies on you.”

“I’ve been pushing my limits as far as what I can handle.”

“Create lifetime memories for people because they are gonna tell all of their friends, they’re going to continue to spread the word. If we do that well it’s just gonna spread.”

“Everyone has the time of their lives.”

“Your ego are the thoughts about yourself.”

“I want to be able to watch the sunset everyday.. Life is just too short”

“You are not an idiot. Everybody screws up what you screwed up today.”

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