Surge in speed dating reflects online fatigue

by / ⠀News / June 12, 2024
"Speed Dating Surge"

A recent study suggests “online dating app fatigue” has prompted young singles to gravitate towards engaging in in-person activities. From 2022 to 2023, in-person singles events like speed dating reported a significant surge in attendance, with a 42% increase in participation.

This trend reflects a shift from online methods back to face-to-face dating formats. Rising dissatisfaction towards virtual dating seems to be steering young singles towards a genuine human connection and personal interaction, especially through speed dating events.

Julia Hartz, co-founder at Eventbrite, highlighted this growing discontent with online dating. Singles are expressing a preference for in-person interactions through common hobbies and interests, seeking deeper, more meaningful connections. Hartz believes this transition could redefine digital dating, bringing it closer to traditional dynamics.

An Eventbrite survey found that more than half of its participants find it challenging to initiate or maintain meaningful conversations online. Safety also emerged as a key issue for users of digital dating platforms, with concerns over privacy and compatibility.

Shift to in-person dating amid online dissatisfaction

As singles move away from typical social scenes towards hobby-oriented gatherings, Eventbrite has introduced a feature accommodating this shift. From cooking classes to wine tastings, this new function provides an extensive selection of events in alignment with shared passions and interests.

Rejecting the prevalent “swipe” trend, many singles signal a shift towards deeper connection, resulting in changing dating app design and use. With these developments, apps can offer a more satisfying, meaningful dating experience.

Dating apps, however, have faced legal charges over accusations of embedding addictive elements, thereby prioritizing profits over relationships. Accusers argue these apps draw users into a continuous cycle, causing emotional distress and financial pressure.

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This controversy has sparked discussion on regulatory measures, with calls for laws on in-app purchases and transparency. The dating app industry now faces a critical need to prioritize ethical practices over profiteering as it navigates these challenges in the future.

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