Brandon Epstein

Podcast #2: How to Re-wire Your Brain and Body for Maximum Results

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / May 19, 2015

Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Brandon Epstein from Entrepreneur Fitness and we absolutely crushed it recording this episode of the Live Different Podcast. Brandon just moved to Medellin, Colombia on a whim and runs fitness bootcamps for high performers.  I had the chance to have a candid conversation with him and we cover everything from what being a well-rounded fit person actually means, to…

5 Steps To Optimizing Your Sleep

by / ⠀Health & Fitness / December 23, 2014

Recently I interviewed a sleep expert on the best ways to optimize sleep and was blown away by how much I didn’t know about this topic. As entrepreneurs we tend to take the “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” approach more often than not. Before my interview with this expert I knew better than to think that way about sleep, but I had no idea how powerful effective sleeping…

5 Reasons You Should Start Journaling

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / November 5, 2014

Have you heard about the importance of journaling lately? Sure you have. It’s all the rage in every entrepreneur’s morning routine. There are apps and software popping up all over the place to help promote the habit. The practice of journaling or expressive writing is not something novel, but it is definitely getting some extra promotion in many entrepreneurial communities. I’ve experimented a bit with journaling and have…

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