Podcast No. 2: How to Rewire Your Brain and Body for Maximum Results

by / ⠀Entrepreneur Interviews Podcast / May 19, 2015

Hey guys, I just got off the phone with Brandon Epstein from Entrepreneur Fitness and we absolutely crushed it recording our latest episode of the Live Different Podcast.

Brandon just moved to Medellin, Colombia, on a whim and runs fitness boot camps for high performers. I had the chance to have a candid conversation with him and we cover everything from what being a well-rounded fit person actually means, to some really deep stuff about finding your purpose, neuroplasticity, meditation, collective consciousness, and integral theory.

The fun part is that we didn’t know each other really well at the beginning of this but, as you’ll hear, our missions are extremely aligned. The good news is that we’re running a five-day Zen Fitness Retreat to Costa Rica from December 9-13, 2015.

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Some Key Takeaways

  • “It just checked so many boxes in my life that I wanted to check for so long.  Like becoming fluent in Spanish and living in another country and constantly putting myself outside of my comfort zone and really being able to laser focus on some things that are important to me right now.”
  • “One of my missions is to dispel all of the nonsense that you hear about travel.”
  • “People are hungry here for something new…I’m just a normal dude and who knows that everyone wants to feel good.  So with these workouts, I just advertised that this is a place to feel comfortable we will create a family atmosphere and we’ll do some yoga and get some fat-burning workouts in and some meditation and we’ll get you ready to crush your week.”
  • “Everything is kind of starting to take a turn to just how can I exercise to feel my best every day? It just happens to be that when you feel your best you end up oftentimes looking your best too.”
  • “You can train yourself to be an optimist and see opportunities everywhere instead of looking around and seeing the negative side of it.”
  • “I see all movement as yoga.”
  • “I love attaching an intention to any type of movement I do and seeing what comes of it.”
  • “Don’t worry if you don’t know what all this means, neither did I.”

Further Reading 

Books and Authors We Mention or Suggest

And like I say at the end, we spouted a lot of philosophical stuff here but here is the bottom line:

Knowledge is great, but don’t overdo it. At some point, you have to forget it all, live in the moment, and execute.

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