employee morale

Five Ways to Build Up Employee Loyalty

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / November 20, 2021

There’s no simple way to ensure employee loyalty, but that’s precisely why it’s so crucial to try. It will require commitment and honesty. While the financial benefits of improving employee loyalty are evident (turnover costs firms over $1 trillion annually), the cultural and organizational advantages shouldn’t be neglected. Teams that are devoted to your company have higher levels of productivity, synergy, and overall happiness. You and your company…

Igniting Passionate Performance

by / ⠀Startup Advice / April 23, 2013

In today’s hyper-competitive market, a burning question for most companies is: “How can we achieve a significant and sustainable competitive advantage in order to retain our customers?” After all, keeping existing customers is five times less expensive than finding new ones. That’s good business in anyone’s book. Traditional competitive factors like product design, technology and distribution channels are harder to sustain in a super-fast, mega-networked world. In fact,…

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