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To unwind after a long day is getting more difficult in our hyper-connected, always-on-call work culture. Here are a few ideas that can help.

What is EOD meaning? EOD is an abbreviation for “end of day.” For example, a coworker may ask you to have a document by ‘eod.’ It means have it by the end of the day. What should you do once it reaches the end of the day or EOD, though? This article will dive into how to unwind from a long day.

Everyone has experienced that post-work daze where time seems to stand still and there is a noticeable lack of mental clarity. Regardless of how much one might love what they do, it is impossible to engage with a profession in an around-the-clock fashion. To unwind after a long day is getting more difficult in our hyper-connected, always-on-call work culture.

Both the mind and body require rest and time away from tasks that require high degrees of focus and effort. Sleep takes over a body because it needs to recharge before going after another day. It is a wonderful thing to be productive but time must be set aside to rest. Finding balance is best as summed up by author Pico Iyer, “It’s precisely those who are busiest who most need to give themselves a break.”

All this being said, changing a mindset from work mode to rest mode is not as easy as flipping a light switch. For this reason, we connected with ten business experts to understand their simple ways of unwinding after a long day on the job.

Physical Activity

Elliot Schwarcz is the CEO of Becca’s Home, a brand offering home furniture via a variety of leasing options. They believe that placing a priority on some form of exercise is a beneficial step.

“At the end of the workday, physical activity may feel like the last thing you want to do. However, doing so has been proven to improve mood and physical health. If you’re consistent about being active, you’ll find that you have more energy throughout your day as your body has adjusted. Furthermore, physical activity is a wonderful way to relieve stress and recenter your mental self which is perfect for stepping outside your work brain. Don’t let the struggles of your job keep you from being healthy and relaxing.”

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MitoQ specializes in health supplements offering energy, focus, and immunity. Their head of customer acquisition, Shaun Price, suggests taking the time to focus on one of the most important aspects of a person’s body.

“While our bodies breathe naturally for us, that is, we don’t have to cognitively think about breathing in order to do so, when was the last time you paid specific attention to your breathing? Oxygen is what fuels the brain and sometimes giving your brain a little more fuel can go a long way toward decompressing after work. I’ve found it helpful to spend just a few minutes with my eyes closed and making my breathing the center of attention. The goal is regulated, deep breaths in order to balance out your brain and calm down.”

Do Not Wait

Everyday life has many responsibilities outside of work. It can be easy for those things to overtake any time spent outside the office. Unhide is a business providing vegan fur blankets. Their founder and CEO, Leo Livshetz, considers it wise to rest and unwind as soon as the workday is over.

“No matter how you slice it, our day-to-day life is busy. It can often feel like one thing after the next with no break in between. A state of going all the time is not good for anyone as the stress and wear can cause mental lapses in judgment or simply an inability to be effective. Don’t wait around for a break to suddenly appear. Once you’re off work, dedicate any amount of time you feel you need to do something relaxing.”

Put the Phone Away

Kroma Wellness is a business providing health-forward food and ingredients. Their CEO and founder, Lisa Odenweller, advises being intentional about stepping away from technology that may prompt thoughts related to work.

“If your mind is constantly being made aware of items related to your job, the cogs of work will continue to turn inside your head. When this is happening, you’re really not unwinding from work. In fact, you’re keeping work with you. Whether you have a work phone or your work email on your phone, put it away. This is really the only way to avoid all those work messages. Plus, taking technology breaks is always good for you. Choose to set work aside when the time is appropriate.”

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Cook a Meal

Span Health specializes in data-driven health coaching via an app. Their CEO, Patrick Samy, believes a methodical approach to decompressing is to make dinner.

“Once work is over for the day, I, like many others, may not feel like putting a lot of effort into something that isn’t essential. That’s why take-out food has become a staple for the working person. But, cooking a meal for yourself can do more than simply provide nutrition. The nature of cooking requires care and thought. You’re the one making the whole thing happen. You’re in command at this point and that can be therapeutic when your job isn’t like that. Also, you’re engaging your mind in something far away from work which is the goal of unwinding.”

Be Social

Many workplaces can naturally remove some of the more personable and relationship-based elements of being human. While there are just reasons for this, it does not mean one should avoid these entirely. Kinoo is a business providing a video chat app aimed at helping kids learn and grow. Their chief of staff Michelle Hodgen proposes engaging with friends and family as you unwind.

“Our jobs can oftentimes leave us sitting alone in our minds throughout or at the end of the day. In certain ways, we put a professional limiter on ourselves when we step into our jobs. This can leave us feeling trapped or overwhelmed as people. I do believe that professionality should always be demonstrated at work. But, this is not a demeanor we should be wearing outside those walls. Be sure to interact and engage with your loved ones as being yourself is very freeing.”

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Jason Reposa is the founder and CEO of Good Feels, a brand offering cannabis-infused seltzer beverages. He cautions against spending the entirety of time away from working in a state of inactivity.

“The idea of plopping down on the couch and binging your favorite show is incredibly appealing. Sometimes, we just want to take a load off and unwind. But don’t let this become your every night routine as unhealthy habits and thoughts will quickly arise. Identify your passions or areas of interest. What excites you or makes you want to learn? Explore yourself and dive into some hobbies. They’re not just a good way to pass the time, they’re incredibly fulfilling.”

Express Yourself

Able specializes in a personalized approach to health and well-being. Their CEO, Roman Taranov, considers getting things off the mind, positively or negatively, is a sure-fire way to mentally step away from work.

“One way or another, our work-life impacts our emotions. A new promotion or successful pitch results in a cheerful mood while a trying meeting or difficult boss yields a pessimistic outlook. As work-life is often so separate from personal life, there’s a general tendency to bottle up our work-related emotions. This isn’t great for a lot of reasons but maybe the biggest one is that the workday sticks with you. Once you’re off the clock, you shouldn’t be considering work. To avoid this, find a trusted person or even your empty car and let it all out. Put into words what you’re feeling and why even if it involves an outburst.”

A workday can be so jam-packed with numerous items that in the end, the resulting head-spinning can seem endless. Living in this state is not healthy or advisable for anyone. Unwinding from this state to a place of relaxation can sometimes require intentional effort. Hopefully, the ideas above are impactful as relaxing it can be a boost. Author Anne Lamott put it best, “When you rest, you catch your breath and it holds you up, like water wings…”

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