3 Ways To Use Feedback Loops To Improve Your Performance

by / ⠀Career Advice Entrepreneurship Personal Branding / April 18, 2016

In the hustle of building a business, launching a side gig, or climbing the ranks at your company, it’s easy to compare yourself to others. “I’m not making as much as them” “They have a thousand more followers than me” “I’m not nearly as qualified as that person” These mindsets lead to self-doubt, but a lot of self-doubt stems from a deeper-rooted competition. A competition with ourselves. Someone…

Learn How to Level Up Your Life

by / ⠀Blog Career Advice Entrepreneur Interviews Entrepreneurship Health & Fitness Personal Branding Podcast Startup Advice Travel Under30CEO / February 9, 2016

Stop Procrastinating – Become a Super Hero – Go on an Epic Quest!   In this week’s interview, Steve Kamb (@SteveKamb) from NerdFitness tells us about his transformation from super nerd to super hero. Instead of reading Harry Potter for the 19th time Steve took a deep look at his behavioral psychology and learned how to turn into a badass adrenaline junkie. Steve has lectured at Google, Facebook, and Vanderbilt…

My Top 10 Favorite Productivity Experiments

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / January 2, 2015

During the past couple of years, I have tried dozens of ways to improve my productivity. Fancy to-do apps, GTD, Evernote, Pomodoro technique; inbox zero and to-do systems by so called productivity gurus. The list goes on and on. However, only a few of them actually brought real productivity gains. Here are 10 productivity experiments that became cornerstones in improving my productivity.   #1. Simple To-Do’s My journey…

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