A Simple Exercise to Overcome Motivational Barriers

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / December 13, 2013

  Have you ever wanted to know why it is you manage to talk yourself out of taking action on goals you were originally excited about? It’s so frustrating isn’t it? Most of you reading the under30CEO articles are probably highly motivated achievers, but I bet even you have some goals that just don’t work out as well as others. For business-minded achievers these are most likely to…

From Freelancer to Enterprise: 5 Books to Help

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / July 30, 2013

One of the quirks of the start-up culture is that it includes everything from Mom and Pop to the Death Star (actually, this one may not be scalable yet, so let’s replace it with another well-known titan. Insert name here ______). What’s always difficult is the transition from small business to scalable enterprise, particularly if you don’t want venture capital. And yes, it is possible to scale without…

The Entrepreneurs Handbook: 52 Essential Resources for Startups

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Startup Advice / May 19, 2013

The thought of launching a Startup is incredibly intimidating with most failing to survive their first few years, it can often result in an emotionally draining, frustrating and demoralizing experience for everyone involved. Of course with high risk comes high reward, which is why entrepreneurs still ‘take the leap of faith’ despite the odds being stacked against them. There has never really been a better time to launch…

24 Top Tools and Resources Used by Young Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀Startup Advice / March 31, 2011

We reached out to our Under30CEO Members to ask them “what is the #1 must have resource/tool/application you use as a business owner and why?” Below are their responses with some of the best resources and tools out their for new business owners… 1. Your number 1 tool as a business owner is your personality and drive. If your not passionate and have a good demeanor its hard…

11 Free Tools Every Young Entrepreneur Must Use!

by / ⠀Startup Advice / September 1, 2010

Every young entrepreneur is strapped for cash yet looking for all the same products and services that big companies use. It is important to look professional yet also squeeze every penny when starting out. Here are 11 tools that will help you do both in the startup days of your venture. 1. Google Docs What’s not to love here? Gmail, calendar, reader, spreadsheets and documents. Gmail is what…

15 Ways to Use Your 9-5 Job to Start a Business

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 19, 2010

Editors Note: This article and its suggestions were meant to come across as observations of what goes on in the business world. All of the points were simply taken from actual conversations with entrepreneurs and business people. We apologize that it has come across as tips and advice for everyone to follow. Every young entrepreneur is looking for resources to start their new business. One of the big…

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