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Startup ResourcesThe thought of launching a Startup is incredibly intimidating with most failing to survive their first few years, it can often result in an emotionally draining, frustrating and demoralizing experience for everyone involved. Of course with high risk comes high reward, which is why entrepreneurs still ‘take the leap of faith’ despite the odds being stacked against them.

There has never really been a better time to launch a Startup, especially if it resides in the Tech industry. The rapid advancement of the Internet continuously creates gaps in the market, and provides the perfect platform for launching a web based company.

The sheer amount of resources found on the internet catered towards Startups and small businesses can prove to be a vital lifeline to those on a shoe string budget. This article is a collation of the best resources and tools that can entice you to take ‘the leap of faith’ and help get your Startup off the ground.


Building the Marketing Plan: A Blueprint for Start-upsA free and in-depth eBook on building a marketing plan for Startups.

Y Combinator Startup LibraryA huge collection of resources and guides, covering everything you need to know about launching a Startup, written by people who have achieved success multiple times. Startup KitsIn depth and thorough kits on how to start a company in a variety of industries, ranging from cleaning services to restaurant ownership.

Business LinkThe UK Government website has a complete roadmap to starting a business, consisting of in-depth and thorough videos.

ScoreAn abundance of free advice and resources for starting a business, including mentors, counselling, tools and workshops. Predominantly US focused.


KickstarterCrowd funding platform for creative projects. Although only suitable for certain Startups, it’s an effective way to secure funding in a short period of time.

SeedrsA crowd funding platform for Startups, ideal for seamlessly raising capital by offering equity to the crowds.

LaunchSquadA PR firm with an emphasis on technology, ideal for taking a business to the next level.

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Founder InstituteA ‘Startup accelerator’ training program and global launch network, with programs available across the world.

500 StartupsA Startup accelerator program consisting of hundreds of experienced mentors, offering seed investment and work space in Silicon Valley.


Dropbox – A freemium cloud storage service, perfect for collaboration and seamless sharing of files across devices.

Google DriveDrive is a cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing solution, great for working in teams and storing everything in the cloud.

EvernoteAn intuitive note taking tool that allows you to quickly save ideas and snippets of web pages for offline viewing. All notes are backed up to the cloud and accessible across multiple devices.

WebexOnline meeting software with advanced collaboration features, perfect for teams who are geographically separated.

MockingbirdQuickly create mock-ups and web pages on the fly, with an intuitive drag and drop interface.


Startup WeekendA global network of 54 hour events, where likeminded entrepreneurs join forces to develop ideas and launch Startups.

Tech CocktailRegular Tech Startup events for entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts, helping Startups find employees, co-founders and funding.

MeetupA network of local groups with many dedicated to Startups and small businesses. A great way to meet likeminded individuals and practice pitches.

PartnerUpA small business orientated site with a focus on finding partners and exploring business opportunities.

Interview StreetEffective programming tests to help you find the perfect programmer for your Startup. Essential for less technically minded CEOs.

LinkedInA social media networking site for professionals, allowing you to stay informed about contacts and industry, and connect with likeminded individuals.


How to Change the World – The blog of Guy Kawasaki, an award winning author, former Apple employee, evangelist and founding partner of Garage, a venture capital fund for tech Startups.

Young EntrepreneurAs the name suggests, YE is a hub for aspiring young business people, with an abundance of useful resources and an active forum.

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OnStartupsCreated by marketing expert Dharmesh Shah, OnStartups is a blog focussing primarily on software Startups, with insightful guides and resources.

Inc. – A website for small businesses and entrepreneurs, who regularly post highly resourceful articles and how-to guides.

MixergyInterviews with successful entrepreneurs and founders, who dive right into the story behind their success and fortune.

Quora – A constantly growing source of information, where any questions can be asked and promptly answered by real people who have first-hand experience. Industry leaders and prominent figures regularly chime in to lend a hand.

Springwise‘Brain food for entrepreneurial minds’, covering inspiring Startup news and stories on exciting ideas and concepts. – A community driven website with an emphasis on funding and emerging technologies.

Alltop StartupsCo-founded by Guy Kawasaki, Alltop is a news aggregator covering the most popular breaking news in the Startup sector.

RedditA community driven social news website, with surprisingly useful subreddits such as /r/Startups, /r/smallbusiness and /r/entrepreneur. Not just pictures of cats!

Tools/Web Applications

FreshbooksA cloud accounting solution that makes invoicing and time tracking extremely easy to manage.

Bidsketch – Web app for easily creating professional looking proposals in minutes.

KnowEmKnowEm is a paid service that takes your brand details and subsequently registers up to 300 social network profiles.

Design ContestCreate design contests for logos, web designs and more, and receive 100s of entries from talented designers. Great for buying a quality logo on a shoestring budget.

WordPress– The most widely recognised free Content Management System. Highly versatile with an abundance of themes and plugins to alter aesthetics and functionality.

PreziA tool for creating stunning presentations, which are sure to stand out from the usual PowerPoint pitches.

Launch RockA free web based application to quickly set up a ‘launching soon’ page, with heavy emphasis on social sharing.

Google AnalyticsOne of the most widely recognized web analytics and reporting solutions, and completely free to use.

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Hoot SuiteA social media management dashboard to efficiently track mentions and measure campaign results.

Video ScribeA tool for quickly creating animated and engaging videos for marketing, instructional purposes, company overviews and product demonstrations.

NameChkType in your Startup name ideas and quickly check which domains and social media profiles are available.

SEOmozA premium suite of SEO tools ranging from SEO management, social media monitoring, actionable recommendations, competitor analysis and more.

Amazon Web ServicesCollection of remote computing services that utilise a cloud computing platform, used by popular Startups such as Pinterest, airbnb and SmugMug.

UnbounceCreate landing pages that turbo charge conversion rates, with no technical knowledge required.

Market Research

Ask Your Target Market – Carry out highly targeted surveys to find out vital information about your primary audience.

Survey MonkeyAn efficient surveying solution allowing you to target specific audiences based on gender, interests, demographic and more.

MailChimpOne of the best email marketing solutions available, with easy to use tools to create signup forms and newsletter designs.

QualarooHelps gain useful insights from customers and visitors by asking short questions, in the form of an unobtrusive popup.

Google TrendsA tool to see interest around search terms, and what people are currently searching for. Great for inspiration and finding out how big the market is.


The $100 StartupA manual on how to change your direction in life and pursue a career being your own boss, with insights from 50 highly successful entrepreneurs.

The Lean StartupHighly popular book on changing the way companies are built and products are launched.

We hope this collection of fantastic resources proves invaluable while launching your Startup, and if you feel any have been left out do get involved in the comments.

This Post was written exclusively for Under30CEO by Alexa Garthwaite, Business Development Manager at EO Group London.

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