15 Ways to Use Your 9-5 Job to Start a Business

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 19, 2010

Editors Note: This article and its suggestions were meant to come across as observations of what goes on in the business world. All of the points were simply taken from actual conversations with entrepreneurs and business people. We apologize that it has come across as tips and advice for everyone to follow.

Every young entrepreneur is looking for resources to start their new business. One of the big questions always is:

How do I start a business and sacrifice not making any money in the beginning?

Answer: Get a job!

Wait isn’t this the exact opposite of why you are starting a business in the first place? Well yes but there is a catch. Many young people take jobs to simply support themselves while their own business gets rolling. Many of these ideas and suggestions are brought up behind closed doors but today we figured we would shed some light on things that happen everyday in the business world.

Below are 15 things that many young people do and look for when getting a job while starting up their own business…

1. Get a Cubicle: Cubicles suck but you don’t want the whole office to see your computer screen when your working on your business or hear all of your phone calls. You want a desk, computer, phone and some privacy to do your own stuff!

2. Analyze the interview: Yes this time you were trying to get hired. Next time you will be doing the hiring. Understand what the interviewer asked and how they approached a new applicant and why. You need to understand this process if you want to hire the right people.

3. Phone: Don’t rack up minutes on your cell phone. Use the office line!

4. Fax/Copy/Print: Use their paper! And you probably won’t have easy access to some of these things if you were working from home to start. Take advantage and get things done that need to be done with them.

5. Be discrete: Not that it matter that much but you want to last as long as you can.

6. Don’t take a “good job”: Your goal here is not to be promoted. So don’t spend extra time bending over backwards for people to get things done.  Your goal is to make some money while starting a business so make sure you have the time to do your own stuff.

7. Specialized departments: Use the legal and accounting departments and get basic questions answered. Just walk in or ask to have lunch with one of them to ask a few questions. Even if you don’t need the answers tomorrow think ahead because they are a great resource to use while you have the job.

8. Supplies: Who hasn’t taken a few pens, staplers or note pads from the office?

9. Talk commitment: Don’t walk into the interview saying your staying for less then a year. Sell them that your here for the long haul. You know what you want to do but don’t let everyone in on this plan.

10. Be extra friendly: Don’t make enemies in the work place. This is the first networking you are doing. You want to promote your business to them and work with your co-workers even after you leave.

11. Forms/Documents: Odds are you will be able to get your hand on proposals, contracts and other business docs that your employer uses. Don’t copy them but review them and use them as a base to make your own companies forms.

12. Computer: We all know everyone spends all day on twitter, facebook and reading articles like this. Take the time to be productive on your own emails, writing, learning etc. Take care of small tasks that can save a lot of time when you get home later.

13. Watch management: How do they work? How do they manage? Why do they do things? You will be in this spot soon.

14. Quit: If your ready to move on or if you sense the company catching on or isn’t happy because of your lack of effort. Quit! No one wants to get fired.

Don’t forget to promote! When you do leave don’t forget to tell everyone why! Hopefully you have made some friends who will support you and maybe even be your 1st customers. Or they might be your connection to your 1st customers.

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