Teen fined $425 for mobile use at McDonald’s drive-thru

by / ⠀News / May 21, 2024
"Fined Teen"

Mason Prima, an 18-year-old from Canada, was eyeing a free meal at McDonald’s drive-thru using the restaurant’s mobile app but instead ended up receiving a $425 traffic fine. The offense? Using his phone while driving, which is a violation of local distracted driving laws.

The teenager was getting ready to order his complimentary meal when a Saskatoon police officer stopped him near the order panel. Despite his attempts to explain that he was using the phone merely to claim his free meal and that he wasn’t technically driving at a significant speed, the officer disagreed.

According to the officer, handling a phone while driving amounted to distracted driving, regardless of the circumstances. Prima couldn’t believe the strict interpretation of the law, which he felt could disrupt many ordinary routines.

Unfortunately for Prima, his explanations didn’t change the officer’s mind.

Teen’s costly lesson in drive-thru mobile use

He was fined $580 Canadian Dollars ($425 USD) for using a mobile phone while in the driver’s seat. The fine added unnecessary demerit points to his driving license, which could lead to increased insurance rates.

Prima’s day took a further downturn when the police contradicted his version of events. They asserted that he was spotted using his phone before he even entered McDonald’s premises and thus was driving on public roads while his phone was in operation.

Brian Pfefferle, a local criminal defense lawyer, suggested that this case walked a gray legal area concerning cell phone usage while driving. He speculated that if Prima could prove that he was in the drive-thru and not on the public road, the case’s final resolution might change.

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This incident has triggered Prima to dig deeper into the rules around mobile phone usage while driving, in an attempt to prevent any such misunderstandings and fines in the future. Such experiences are stark reminders of the strict laws regarding mobile phone usage while controlling a car.

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