The Best Websites to Manage Money & Credit

by / ⠀Startup Advice / August 15, 2012

As an entrepreneur, our busy schedules might not cooperate with managing our money or credit.  I’ll be the first one to admit that sometimes I overlook due dates and pay my bills a few hours before it’s due.  Technology has created ways where a lot of the menial tasks can be automated.  There are tons of web tools that can help you manage your money and credit, but here are my favorite online tools that I actually use.

Best Way to Monitor Credit Score

Credit Karma is a free online tool that allows you to monitor your credit score every month.  They pull your credit information from Transunion only, not all three credit bureaus.  They provide you with what’s called a Transrisk score, so don’t mistake this for your FICO score.  Credit Karma provides you with a credit report card which grades each different category that impacts your credit score: payment history, on-time payments, credit mix, length of credit, and recent inquiries.

Best Way to Organize Finances

Manilla allows you to track all your bills in one place.  By linking your accounts, Manilla sends you friendly reminders of any upcoming bills that are due.  One great feature of Manilla is the ability to link your travel accounts so you can view all your award points in one place.  You can also connect major utility bills, cell phone bills, and of course your credit cards.  In some cases, you can also view your statements directly from the Manilla website.

Best Way to Manage Debts

SpringCoin is an automated debt management platform that helps you finally pay off those unwanted debts.  Their basic plan will give you step by step instructions on who to pay, when to pay, and how much to pay.  SpringCoin provides you with weekly goals and challenges that are designed to save money, pay down your debt, and increase your financial literacy.  They also have a bill reminder tool to remind you of any upcoming bills that are due.  For those who are struggling to keep up with your monthly payments, their Premium plan will help you lower your interest rate and get out of debt in less than sixty months.

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Best Way to Monitor Budget

Mint is definitely at the forefront of online budgeting.  Mint calculates your average spending in each category and helps you create a budget based on your historical spending.  You can view each category and see a detailed transaction list of what was included; however, if any of the transactions are incorrect, you can simply move it to the appropriate category.

These are just some of the awesome financial tools that are out there today.  Technology has allowed companies in the financial sector to automate a lot of the mundane tasks we did years ago. If you’ve ever had any experiences with some of the companies, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Full Disclosure: Kevin Yu is one of the Founders of SpringCoin

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