The First Five Steps to Starting Your Own Business

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Startup Advice For SuccessDespite the times of austerity and the threat of a triple dip recession, many new businesses are actually thriving, especially online. The ones that are succeeding are those that are flexible and able to adapt to the wants and needs of their target market; being able to source talent online is also helping start ups to cut costs. On marketplaces like PeoplePerHour, businesses can buy  services such as web design, marketing campaigns or sales calls in an instant for less.

With this positive information, here are five crucial steps to starting your business making sure you have all of your bases covered.

The Business Plan

The business plan may not seem important however it’s not just in the initial stages that it will be useful. In twelve months’ time it will provide an invaluable tool for you to analyse the performance of your business. If it is done well, you can gain incredible investment and support, removing much of the monetary stress that comes from starting up.

Unless your business will specialize in producing business plans, it is a good idea to get someone on board to do this, it will save you time and money and give your business the best start it can get.

The Branding

Before you even develop a website you need to ensure your branding is spot on as your logo and theme will be used for every promotional piece of material you use, from flyers to business cards, to your website or even your shop front. Your brand should have the potential to stay in your target markets minds, so that you can be instantly recognizable if you find fame as a household name. It should also translate your company personality. Would you like people to see your business as quirky and fun, wholesome and eco-friendly, corporate and ultra-professional? The colors, the positioning and the text all play an essential part in portraying your message.

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The Website

Your website will probably be the landing place for every customer or client you want to attract. Therefore it’s essential that it’s welcoming, eye catching, informative and very easy to use. A good web developer will focus on the usability for your demographic while a website designer will ensure the optimum images and information target the right people at the right time. This is finished with killer copy that leads your buyers from the homepage to the contact or buy page. In essence, working together, these three ensure you turn leads into conversions.

The Shout Out

With this in place, you need to spread the word. This can be done online and offline. Both merge successfully now and consumers love having a choice on how they connect with you. There are a variety of mediums available such as:

·         Press Releases

·         Business cards

·         Flyers

·         Blogs/ Guest blogs

·         Business profiles

·         Reviews

·         Social Media

·         Newsletters

·         Telesales

Each one is capable of engaging your target market in a unique way giving you the maximum potential reach.
You can also hold your own launch- inviting key players so you can turn it into a great networking event.

The Legalities

Once you’re up and running and attracting customers you need to make sure your legal documents are up to date, such as your privacy policy, your refund policy and your terms and conditions. There are a lot of freelance lawyers now who will do this for a small fixed price, ensuring you get the Job Done quickly and without fuss.

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