The Steve Jobs Legacy – What We Can All Learn From The Greatest CEO Of All Time

by / ⠀Startup Advice / October 13, 2011

The passing of Steve Jobs marks a sad time in American history.  As someone who was the best CEO of our time, and arguably the greatest CEO in history, we have truly lost an American icon.

Not only was Steve Jobs a leader and revolutionary businessman, but he also left an imprint on just about all of our lives in one-way or another.

Regardless of whether we use Apple products, the influence that his ideas have left on the way companies run, develop, and operate are undeniable.

I mean, let’s be serious.  Has anyone actually seen a flip phone in the past year?

Although Steve Jobs is no longer with us, his legacy will live on forever, along with the great ideas that we can take away from a prosperous life cut all too short.

As entrepreneurs, who better to look up to for inspiration, motivation, and emulation?

With that said, let’s took at three ways in which Steve Jobs ran his company that we can all benefit from as entrepreneurs:

1. Less is more.

Perhaps the most difficult thing that Steve Jobs ever had to do was say the word no.  It is easy to approve what seems like a good idea on the surface.  It is even harder to see through the flaws and never allow that product or service to see the day of light.

When we think of Apple we think of this massive company that has changed the way we interact in this world.  We also think of a company with a pristine reputation with both its products and services.

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This is largely do to Steve Jobs limited the company to a mere handful of products and services, while saying no to every idea that falls even the slightest bit short of being perfect.

When it comes to running a successful business, sometimes less is more, and this is something we must all keep in mind.

2. Stay ahead of the curve.

Apple was never a follower.  The company was always a leader that continued to innovate ahead of the competition.  And in the fast paced world that we live in, along with attention spans being as short as they are, this is absolutely essential for staying on top.

Just look at companies such as Blockbuster that went bankrupt.  Or even less extreme examples such as Barnes and Nobles that lagged behind on the E-Readers importance.  These companies have taken major hits trying to play catch up, when they should have stayed ahead of the curve by innovating.

So ask yourself, how can I be an innovator with my company?

3. Say more with less.

Apple’s slogan for the I-pod was a game changer.

“1,000 songs in your pocket.”

It is simple, to the point, and fully explains the product.  Before this slogan, other mp3 players would talk about gigabytes, memory, and concepts that the public really doesn’t relate to or care about.

But tell me that I can have something that holds 1000 songs in my pocket and you will have me hooked!

The point is, find ways to describe things in the simplest way possible.  Steve Jobs was all about simplicity and making lives easier, and this is what sets Apple above the bar.

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To talk about all we have learned from Steve Jobs would be an entire book in itself.  And don’t be mistaken; there will be many books on this in the near future!  But in the meantime, keep these three notions in mind when you are running your business.

Who knows, maybe you have what it takes to be the next greatest CEO and innovator!

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