The Two-Step System to Manifesting Your Success

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As a professional coach, I throw around the term “manifesting”  with my clients rather loosely. It’s a concept that’s become very mainstream in recent years thanks to the success of books like The Secret and the emergence of life coaching into mass societal awareness.

Basically, manifesting is the theory of energy attracting like energy. It’s the notion that if you envision and truly believe that something will happen, it will.

Most of my young entrepreneur clients are intrigued by the possibility of manifesting their future success. They’re all smart, driven, high-potential people who desire success and fulfillment.  So, quite naturally, having what they envision come true would be amazing.

But as visionary as the young entrepreneur crowd is, they’re also realists and skeptics. And, more often than not, they desire to control every aspect of their business and its future success. These are people used to hard work; to whom the concept of manifesting feels like sitting around and waiting for success to fall in their lap. It often feels too-good-to-be-true that you could simply think of success and, bam! You receive it.

The truth is, manifesting can work for just about anyone. And hard work and tough decision-making aren’t as separate from the concept of manifesting as most of my clients originally thought. Read on for the two-part system I teach my young entrepreneur clients for balancing their need to control with allowing success to fall in to place.

Step One: Show Up Authentically

This is simultaneously the easiest and the most challenging thing for most people to do: Be yourself.

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This means consciously and continuously asking yourself: “What is my intention?” “Is this decision I’m about to make aligned with who I am and what I want to create?” “What’s my motivation in this?” “How does this decision match up with my future vision?”

Being your authentic self means thinking and acting based on exactly who you are. And who are you? You are: your core values, your vision, your passions, and your personality. Not anyone else’s, and not what you think you should be like.

Often, I work with high-potential entrepreneurs who are struggling to get to the next level of success. Nearly every time, their block is rooted in the fact that, in some corner of their life, they aren’t thinking and acting authentically. When we break through the block and figure out how and what acting authentically looks like for them, success naturally follows.

It’s simple, but not always obvious: You will never achieve the kind of success you envision if your vision isn’t 100% based on who YOU are.

Step Two: Give Up Your Need to Control the Outcome

You’ve very clearly and intentionally envisioned what you want to happen. You’re living authentically, working hard, and putting in the energy.

So now, let the universe do the rest. Manifesting is about having faith that if your authentic self has put a lot of work and energy into something, you’re likely going to get what you need. You might not get exactly what you envisioned, or the timing might not be what you imagined, but you WILL find success in exactly the way you needed to.

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And if you’re struggling with a block, or finding the success you envision elusive, start asking yourself (or asking a coach) “Who am I? And what do I really want?”

Rachel East is a young entrepreneur and professional coach who helps other young entrepreneurs grow and fulfill their business and life visions. Read more about the life and business you can create at, follow Rachel on Twitter @Pro20Something, and email her at

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