Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools To Use In 2021

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Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools To Use In 2021

Marketing automation tools efficiently fuel marketing efforts for all businesses. That is why over 51% of marketers are investing in marketing automation tools and over 58% of the marketers are planning to adopt it shortly. 

Automation tools can help you personalize content based on insights, align sales teams with marketing efforts, and boost conversions as well as speed-up and streamline marketing efforts.

Despite the size of your business, investing in a marketing automation tool could be one of the most effective ways to succeed in your marketing efforts in 2021. Here are the top marketing automation tools you can use in 2021: 

HubSpot: All-In-One Marketing Automation Tool

When it comes to marketing automation, HubSpot’s functionality is hard to beat. Be it attracting, converting, or delighting the customers, Hubspot marketing automation does it all. The workflow is automation beyond email, which helps sales, marketing, and business teams to manage the process better. 

They also have individualized software tools for marketers, digital agencies, small-mid businesses, and enterprises. 

Price: The Hubspot starter pack is available from $45 per month for 1,000 marketing contacts. It goes up to $3,200 per month for 10,000 marketing contacts. 

Hubspot’s Main Features

  • Creation, publishing, and scheduling of blogs, web pages, email, etc.
  • Social media integration and bulk scheduling
  • Campaign creation for teams
  • Email marketing automation
  • Real-time SEO suggestions for content optimization

Marketo: Marketing Tool For Any Channel

Backed by big names like Adobe, Marketo is one of the most popular tools on the market for automating marketing and sales operations. The tool covers every channel and every engagement for wholesome automation. The best part about Marketo is that it doesn’t come at a high price. Marketo can help businesses that need to simplify their buyer journey.

Price: Starting at $895 per month, the price may go up to $3,195 as the number of contacts and features increase. 

Marketo’s Main Features

  • Builds customer relationships by automating marketing programs
  • Tracks customer behavior to engage in the right manner
  • Analyzes revenue
  • Identifies the best prospects for marketing campaigns

SharpSpring: To Optimize The Full Funnel

SharpSpring offers a complete range of marketing automation opportunities. The platform allows marketers to boost their conversions and drive more quality leads to their sales team. Overall, it is great for all growing businesses because it makes smart marketing strategies and automated campaigns based on audience behavior. 

Price: SharpSpring starts at $550 per month for 1,500 contacts and goes up to $1,250 for 20,000 contacts. 

SharpSpring’s Main Features

  • Advanced email marketing that tracks and analyzes interactions 
  • Dynamic forms integrated with CRM
  • Simple yet intuitive workflow to streamline lead generation
  • Quick and easy analytics on content to track visitor behavior
  • Simplified scoring of social leads

Pardot: Best Tool For B2B Marketing

For B2B entrepreneurs, the best marketing automation tool is Pardot. Acquired by Salesforce, Pardot is an effective tool that enables businesses to know their leads and build meaningful connections with their target audiences. 

This tool speeds-up and streamlines the process of closing a sale. Businesses can manage their leads, convert them into buyers, and keep them coming back for more with automated marketing campaigns. One can get a complete insight into B2B marketing and build data-driven marketing programs to get better results. 

Price: This software starts at $1,250 per month for up to 10,000 contacts. For enterprises seeking up to 75,000 contacts, this software is available at $15,000 per month. 

Pardot’s Main Features

  • Powerful builder to create marketing campaigns as per the expected customer experience
  • Automated triggering of activity through data
  • Individual asset performance

Omnisend: The Omnichannel Automation Tool

For businesses focussed on growth, look into Omnisend. This tool is present on all channels required to send messages to your target audience. It offers everything an eCommerce marketer can require for its business to grow and reach out to a larger user base in an automated way be it emails, SMS, web push notifications. Additionally, Omnisend also has pre-built workflows that can be tweaked to work with any type of business to boost marketing efforts.

Price: The free version is available for email campaigns. 

Omnisend’s Main Features

  • Build workflows to track click data
  • Send the right message at the right time in the user journey
  • Get solid leads and assign them for targeted messaging
  • Social media management widgets for seamless sharing of content

In A Nutshell

Lastly, in order to maximize your marketing budget, it’s important to invest in efficient marketing automation tools in 2021. With marketing automation tools and softwares, businesses can automate different marketing practices. Without any increased budget or efforts, marketing automation can help businesses scale their marketing efforts and reap higher ROI. 

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