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Sometimes in life, finances tend to get on the short side. You have family, a place to live, food, gas, pets, water, electricity, and bills for a hundred thousand other things. So, sometimes you have to go get a second job. But instead, you could form your own business. There are online businesses to start today in fact.

But starting an online business is difficult and has its own unique set of challenges to tackle. Unfortunately, an online business is not a fast money-making operation. It still has to obey the corporate laws. Yet, there are still businesses to start today and the many perks that come with them.

Having an online business is a powerful tool at your disposal. You can ship anywhere in the world (within reason) and you can do just about anything if it is within your limits. But, if you have the resources, then go for it!┬áLet’s take a glance at five possible ideas for online businesses to start today.

Clothing Line

If you have an eye for fashion and know how to knit or sew then this would be an excellent pick for you. You can set your prices for whatever clothes you make. Clothes are a great way to have a small online business because there are so many different kinds of clothes. Shirts, hoodies, sweaters, belts, hats, shoes, pants, shorts, and more.

Plus, you have people of all sorts of shapes, sizes, and ages, so, you can also lean into a particular demographic if you want. Consider websites like Etsy to sell your garments.

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Freelance Writer

When it comes to online business opportunities, probably one of the best jobs to go for is the freelancer writer. Writers are in need all over the place for all sorts of writing. Copywriting, business writing, medical writing. There is such a variety, that, if you are a writer, then you are surely going to find something.

What’s nice about this business option is that you can set your own hours. You work when you want. Plus, you can set your rates. If you have a particularly impressive writing resume, then you will definitely get noticed. However, it does start on a lower end on pay, but if you work hard and persist, then you can offer your talents for higher and higher pay.

Be a Thrift Flipper

What it means is taking an old object, fixing it up, and selling it again for money. This can be a fun thing to do even with friends or family. It has slowly become a more popular way of living in the world. On some channels, you can find whole shows where people flip houses. But, it might be best to start small.

Instead, head down to the local thrift store and find something that you can spruce up. Thrift stores also tend to have many vintage items that can’t be found anywhere else. Keep this in mind as you can then have your very own business of selling vintage and antique items. There are many online business websites that you can sell at such as eBay.

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Publish a Book

Maybe freelance writing isn’t your thing, but you enjoy writing. Perhaps being a novelist is the way to go. There are multiple options for writing a book as an online business. It could be for children that is only 10-20 pages long. Or you could have an exciting spy thriller that is over 600 pages. You can even write an ebook and publish it online.

Consider websites such as Blurb or Amazon’s CreateSpace. Creating a self-published book has the ability to be put in the hands of readers all over the world. If it is popular enough, you can even become a mini-celebrity. If creative writing is your joy, then definitely consider this option.

Become an Influencer

Social media is quickly becoming one of the most important tools in the modern age. Because of this, there is the online business of being an influencer. But, whether you have 1 million followers or just one hundred, you are still an influencer. Being genuine and not a sell-out can make you look like a dream to listen to. This will cause companies to ask to market their items.

If you have had a job as a social media manager, that can help you get an understanding of what it takes to become an influencer. It does have its perks by getting you into branding and marketing and it is also quite easy to do. And if you are camera shy, put your pet in view. Everyone loves a pet.

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