Top Tips for Freelancer Writers to Source New Clients

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Freelancing can be a great job to have. You can set your own rates, work on your time, and you are basically you’re own boss. The downside is looking for new gigs because most of the time, freelancer writers have to constantly look for work.

A freelance writer is one of the best freelance jobs that there is. As a writer, you can write a huge array of different topics, write instructions, articles, blogs, and so much more. But, as a freelance writer, you should also be looking for your next job at all times.

So how does one get new clients? Well, that all depends on how you go about it. Below is a list of tips that you can do to make yourself stand out and attract new clients.

Gather a Strong Portfolio

A portfolio allows clients to look at your previous work, so it’s a great idea to gather a strong sampling of your work. You can have your portfolio on a website or as physical copies. The portfolio should also showcase the different kinds of writing styles you have, what industries you have worked for, and what formats you are best at. Think about how you present each piece and what you want to come first.

Look for a Niche

While you can write in a variety of ways, finding a niche could be your ticket to freelance fame. If you focus hard on one area of writing and work really hard at it, then those in that niche will recognize you. Freelance writers typically find themselves trying to become leading niche writers. They do this because prospects and projects are sent to them over the competition.

Getting Feedback

Even though you are a writer, everyone has an opinion on how it should be written and you can always get better. Ask for feedback from your clients to improve your writing. Feedback does not always have to be constructive criticism, sometimes a “good job” goes a long way and propels us to the next project.

Nurture Relationships

Networking can make a huge difference in one’s career. Developing and having relationships with different companies can mean that they can recommend you to other companies and people. This can also lead to a better work environment as both of you build trust with one another. People in their respective industries talk to each other, so remember to always be kind and courteous.

Make a Blog

Freelance writers create blogs for themselves to get their names out there and noticed. It allows you to write about yourself, your work, and your interests. Plus, you practice writing and you can gather followers, allowing potential new clients.

Improve Your Writing and Grammar

Even the best of us sometimes have to practice a bit to ensure they are not losing their touch. Taking courses, reading, researching, and practicing writing can help you improve your skills. A client will notice how your writing style is and how impressive your lexicon is if you practice.

Create Your Marketing Plan

Now, as a freelancer, you spend a lot of time writing and looking for new business. You need to remember that you are your own boss for your own company. How are you going to get them to come to you? Creating a marketing plan can help with that. When forming your strategy, make sure it is well-thought-through and focuses not on your immediate goals, but also on goals set for five and ten years down the line.

Always Do Your Research

As you become a more developed writer, you may have the feeling that you won’t need to research as much. However, the world is a pretty big place with new things being learned every day. Research is super important because you garner new skills as you continue to impress your clients, both existing and potential. Researching allows you to not have mistakes or errors in your work.

Social Media is Your Friend

Social media has quickly become one of the largest forms of entertainment and communication. Utilizing that to your advantage can give you unlimited scope for what you want to do. There is a whole world out there in need of you. Make an account and start attracting clients! Make sure this is part of your marketing strategy as well and use various social media channels to attract a wide array of customers.

Become Part of a Writing Group

There are many places both in real life and online where you can meet like-minded individuals. Together, you can work on your craft and network. Places like libraries or coffee shops may be a good place to look. However, other locations you may not immediately think of like a game store will often have fantasy and fiction lovers coming together. Look into those places for potential clients, people to network with, or friends!

Know your SEOs

SEO has a huge and pivotal role in digital writing. Freelance writers should learn what SEO is and how to use it for their clients. Knowing how will attract more jobs. It is also a good way to improve your skills and impress your clients.

Never Suffer Failure

Sometimes failure happens. Whether it is a missed deadline, losing a client, or even just having a hard time looking for work, never give up. Certainly, these things happen and are part of the human experience. You get back on your feet and you keep going. Never despair! Indeed, more work will always need to be done.

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