Under30CEO Awards: 14 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch in Washington, D.C.

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This summer, Under30CEO launched a nationwide campaign to discover the most promising young entrepreneurs from all across the United States. The goal of the Under30CEO Awards is to highlight the next big innovators, leaders, and world changers from our Top 10 Cities for Young Entrepreneurs.

In order to qualify, the entrepreneurs had to meet revenue requirements of between $50,000 and $10,000,000 (OR) over 10,000 users, (OR) have between $50,000 and $10,000,000 in funding, under the age of 30.

The following are the 2012 Under30CEO Award Winners from Washington, D.C.. Washington, D.C.’s young entrepreneurs had over $11,600,000 in revenues, $8,500,000 in funding and employed over 190 people. Congratulations to all of the winners!

Melaine Privitera

Age: 30

Company: Mobius Consulting, LLC.

Description: Mobius Consulting is a women-owned small business that provides systems engineering, technical analysis, program management, and organizational strategy expertise to the Federal government. We advise and assist government organizations on issues of national and global significance. Our engineers, analysts, and program management professionals provide our clients relevant and actionable solutions to their current and emerging challenges. We believe in approaching our work with innovation and creativity, a combination that results in lasting value for our customers. Mobius Consulting is committed to exceeding our client’s expectations by delivering exceptional talent and quality products and services.

Brandon Craft

Age: 29

Company: Clinvue

Description: Clinvue is a medical innovation company, specializing in helping it’s clients identify market opportunities and define new product concepts.

Our proprietary network enables us to see and hear market insights from clinicians and healthcare management professionals across the globe. Our proven voice of the customer research and front end innovation methodologies enable us to discover new opportunities and invent novel concepts and solutions. Our low overheads and intimate access to healthcare deliver our clients outstanding value in primary research and technology innovation combined with proven creativity.

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Gina Mancuso

Age: 29

Company: LoveThatFit

Description: LoveThatFit is an online ‘Fit’ technology that allows users to try on clothes, see how they actually look and fit, and addresses the social aspect of shopping.  We create the most realistic shopping experience online and give online shoppers the confidence that has been missing from online shopping until now.  Retailers use our technology with their existing e-commerce websites to reduce returns, costs associated with and in-turn increase sales.

Katie Palencsar and Benjamin Bengfort

Age: 30 & 28

Company: Unbound Concepts

Description: Unbound Concepts applies human knowledge to text “much the same way the human brain does” using computer science.  Unbound Concepts was created on the strongly held belief that a collaborative approach to knowledge sharing is, quite simply, a better way to live. Blending trusted computer science with the knowledge and data gained from BookLeveler, its iOS-based App, Unbound Concepts is building a proprietary natural language processing algorithm that can understand authored content in a deep ontological fashion, bringing value to publishers, educators and fellow scientists in pursuit of collaboration that creates good.

Jason Jannati & Josh Notes & Matej Harangozo

Age: 26, 28, 28

Company: greeNEWit

Description: greeNEWit is an organization founded to help society build sustainable communities and better economies through conserving the use of natural resources. We provide lighting and water saving upgrades that help residents, businesses and utility companies save money on their electricity bill and reduce the carbon footprint.

The upgrades include installation of energy efficient CFL light bulbs, aerators, low flow showerheads, hot water heat wraps and pipe insulation. Through this collaborative effort, we’ve installed 94,891 compact fluorescent light bulbs to more than 19,434 residences in the state of Maryland and are saving 6,472,715 kWh of electricity and 163,567,892 gallons of water annually.

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Rami Essaid

Age: 29

Company: Distil Inc

Description: Distil is the first content protection network that helps companies identify and block malicious content scraping and data theft. When companies have content stolen and duplicated they lose visitors, revenue, and business. The content protection network makes real-time decisions and seamlessly distinguishes human visitors from malicious bots, with no false positives. Distil also accelerates content through 14 global nodes, improving page load times and reducing server load.

Jeff Leighton

Age: 25

Company: Action HomeBuyers

Description: We buy houses in any condition and any area in the Washington, DC region.  Action Homebuyers is a premier Washington DC real estate investment and solutions company that buys and sells distressed properties.  We can close within as little as 7 days and pay cash for all type of properties including single family homes, town homes, condos, multi family, commercial, vacant lots and more.  Working closely with Fortune Builders from A&E TV’s “Flip This House”, we have learned proven and repeatable methods of buying and selling distressed real estate in any economy.

Spencer Gerrol

Age: 29

Company: SPARK Experience Design

Description: SPARK Experience Design is a full service digital agency. We specialize in user experience research and design to create websites and campaigns that are usable, engaging, and persuasive. Our client list includes Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, including Pepsi, Fossil, AAA, the Elizabeth Edwards Foundation, and the National Institutes of Mental Health. SPARK’s services include digital strategy, user research, web design, mobile application design, social media, branding, and other core capabilities from search engine optimization to video production.

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Michael Rihani

Age: 26

Company: Koofers

Description: Koofers is your one-stop shop for all your college needs. It provides students with practice exams, study guides, flashcards, professor ratings and various tools such as a class schedule maker and textbook price comparison engine. The service monetizes through textbook sales and connecting students with employers looking to hire.

Jaime J. Torreblanca

Age: 25

Company: Epic Carwash & detail

Description: Epic Carwash & Detail is a eco-friendly mobile detailing business. Thanks to our eco-friendly approach, fantastic customer service, unusual detailing techniques, and competitive rates, we have been able to grow the business at a very steady rate.

Most of our new business is worth of mouth and returning customers. In our first year, we had a revenue of a little over $80K we are currently over $100K and expecting to be very close to $200K in our second year.

Dan Sherman

Age: 30

Company: HIP Network

Description: In business, relationships matter. That’s why HIP Network brings people together. Established in 2008, the Hospitality Industry Professionals Network (HIP Network) is the fastest-growing community of meeting, event, travel and hospitality professionals. With over 2,500+ Planner Network Members and 100+ Supplier Network Members in the U.S., HIP Network produces high-energy events (both face-to-face & virtual) that fuel professional growth and help facilitate durable industry relationships.

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