University of Utah’s MBC Program Fosters Future Entrepreneurs

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"Fostering Entrepreneurs"

The David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah is currently accepting applications for its bespoke Master of Business Creation (MBC) program.

Ranked as one of the top entrepreneurship programs by US News & World Report, this program paves the way for business founders who want to immerse themselves in a learning experience that bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Through this initiative, participants benefit from a wealth of resources and the chance to interact with both successful entrepreneurs and academic experts.

Students are prepared to navigate competitive markets by connecting with the local business ecosystem and gaining real-world insights.

The University of Utah has a unique structure for the progress of startups

The MBC program, unique in its structure, revolves around the progression of the startup. It offers practical courses, resource aids, and mentorship tailored to drive business development.

Thanks to full and partial scholarships enabled by the program, financial constraints that typically hamper startups can be mitigated.

This backing allows founders to focus on innovation and strategic growth. Moreover, the participants are given exclusive networking opportunities with established entrepreneurs.

The program harmoniously blends elements of a business accelerator with the sophistication of an advanced business degree.

It aims to foster early-stage ventures’ growth by providing critical business tools, industry connections, and access to funding.

Students are meticulously guided through all stages of business development, from conceptual refinement to market penetration. Their learning experience is further enriched by the talented faculty.

With the understanding of entrepreneurs’ diverse needs, the MBC program offers two flexible course structures, a full-time on-campus course and a part-time online course.

Both formats are positioned to accommodate the busy lifestyles of future entrepreneurs, providing them with the firm grounding they will need to successfully establish and manage their venture.

Potential applicants are encouraged to apply early due to limited availability of scholarships and class spaces. The preferred deadline for the Fall 2024 MBC program is March 20th, with applications accepted until June 15th.

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