4 Unusual Entrepreneurship Podcasts You Might Enjoy

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It's tough to find unusual entrepreneurship podcasts. After all, many business leaders attended the same schools and espouse the same ideas.

In my opinion, there’s a lot of monotonous thinking in the world of business. Some of this monotony shows up in popular entrepreneurship podcasts.

Many people in positions of business leadership went to the same business schools. They learned the same things about how business works. They bring these same ideas to their positions as founders, leaders, executives, and decision-makers. Nothing that needs to change actually changes.

On an industry-wide level, many companies are well aware of this issue. They are pushing for the diversification of ideas and backgrounds in order to pursue the new, innovative thinking needed for the 21st century. But what about at other levels? What about the lone entrepreneur, looking to get an idea off the ground?

The same lesson applies. However, it’s much easier to combat monotonous thinking at the individual level.

For me, it’s important to break out of my preconceived notions. I always try to think about things in a new way. That’s often where the best ideas come from. One of the ways I do this is by listening to podcasts. I try to learn from thoughtful podcasts that focus on entrepreneurship. I enjoy hearing experts take unusual or interesting angles or tackle unfamiliar subjects in depth. Luckily, there are plenty of them to go around. Listed below are four you might like to check out.

Woodpreneur: Learning from Small Creators

Not every business needs to be huge or grow endlessly. It’s equally important to keep in mind that not every entrepreneur wants to take over the world.

No podcast provides these lessons better than The Woodpreneur Podcast, a modest (but deeply useful) show for those who wish to learn lessons from a small business perspective.

Every episode features host Steve Larosiliere interviewing an entrepreneur in the woodworking and wood business field. These can range from full-time company founders to part-time craftsmen working out of their garages. Either way, the interviews are often fascinating as they deal with the on-the-ground details of running a business, from doing your own social media marketing to finding the right work-life balance.

Monocle on Design: How Businesses are Shaped

Many entrepreneurs spend most of their time focused on very prosaic things such as numbers, development, logistics, communication, and the nuts and bolts of the business. However, every business professional should stay open to more artistic things, including design. This maxim is proven true on the Monocle on Design podcast.

Part of the Monocle Radio Network, Monocle on Design provides a fresh perspective on business by (obviously) examining the design side of things. The wide range of topics covered is remarkable, from the history of sunglasses to the careful aesthetics of the Tokyo Olympics. Just about any episode will open the mind of any listener who wants their business to have a visual impact. It also provides thoughtful insights into the design of many brands.

Additionally, on a side note, American entrepreneurs, in particular, would do well to give Monocle’s The Entrepreneurs podcast a shot. This series examines global and international entrepreneurs. It’s helpful for anyone who wants their business to reach across borders and not be limited in scope.

Nomad Capitalist Podcast: For the Globetrotting Entrepreneur

Speaking of international entrepreneurship, the Nomad Capitalist Podcast provides a wonderful change of pace. It examines often complex issues such as international tax liabilities and the intricacies of the cryptocurrency market from an international perspective.

Episodes often focus on the specifics of topics such as business relocation down to the benefits and drawbacks of doing business in specific countries. Entrepreneurs who regularly do business in multiple countries would do well to give the podcast a try. The information discussed is invaluable.

Masters in Business from Bloomberg: Clear Perspectives on Businesses

You might not think that a series from business behemoth Bloomberg would be a good choice for fresh perspectives, but I can assure you that the Masters in Business podcast is worth a listen. Host Barry Ritholtz interviews a wide variety of experts, providing unique insights into issues currently affecting the world of business.

For example, one¬†recent episode interviewed the Biden administration’s National Economic Council director on the subject of anti-competitive forces in the economy. Other episodes featured experts on mortgage lending and behavioral economics. So many topics have been covered! Anyone searching through the podcast can probably find an episode featuring an expert that can shed light on just about any topic.

Wrapping It Up

To me, a truly great entrepreneur is one that is always looking forward and doesn’t allow themselves to get stuck in old ways of doing things. However, as any experienced entrepreneur can tell you, avoiding calcified thinking is difficult. After a while, you believe you know what works and what doesn’t…but this stance can quickly make any business obsolete.

Every entrepreneur should be able to keep an open mind and consider new ideas. In fact, they should be seeking them out! I do that by listening to entrepreneurship podcasts with new and previously unheard voices. I try to take lessons from them that will help me in my own entrepreneurial efforts. After all, you never know where the next great idea will come from. Be willing to listen for them.

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