Using Your Experiences To Create Success with Melody Hossaini

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / August 18, 2015


A war refugee from Iran, re-defining the label “disadvantaged” and becoming one of the most influential women in Europe. Melody Hossaini is the founder of InspirEngage International, and encourages people to view life as a series of experiences, each one making you stronger and unique.

Listen in as we talk about some of the most difficult issues that plague our society today – racism, sexism, and the will to move forward. Melody talks about her childhood, and her experience with racist encounters, while also answering some vulnerable questions I ask regarding being a woman in a predominantly male dominated environment.

The key to success in all this? Delusion. She explains how a little bit of delusion and the courage to say YES is all you need.


“Life is about experiences”

“The key to success is delusion”

“If I believed all of the things people told me I couldn’t do I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything”

“Sometimes it’s as simple as show up. Just say yes and show up”

“A mistake a lot of people make is they think their career starts when they finish education”

“A career starts when you say yes to things”

“My advice to woman is be who you are and focus on what you bring to the table”

“Success is about creating impact, not about impressing people”

“Something is almost 80% likely to happen if you just write it down”

“Figure out who you are and what you have to do with it”

“Be successful by giving back”

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