UVU’s role in bolstering Utah’s entrepreneurial scene

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"Entrepreneurial Bolstering"

Utah Valley University (UVU) leads in creating business owners among its graduates, with most staying within the state, LinkedIn data shows. This trend demonstrates UVU’s efficacy in instilling entrepreneurial skills and the major role it plays in strengthening Utah’s economy. The array of startups popping up in Utah, mostly founded by UVU alumni, corroborates this.

The University’s Entrepreneurship Institute is crucial to this success as it offers mentorship, funding, and networking to students. Working alongside industry leaders and alumni, the Institute serves as a launchpad for entrepreneurial dreams, fostering a rich culture of innovation within the University. Additionally, practical skills workshops and real-world project challenges help students gain the competitive edge in their fields.

UVU prides itself in having the largest business school in the state, with a staggering 80% of its graduates setting up ventures within Utah. This underlines UVU’s profound impact on local entrepreneurship and the strong correlation between its academic agenda and the needs of the local businesses, situating UVU as a primary source of business acumen in Utah.

Seth Jenson, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute, views the institute as an incubator for critical entrepreneurial activities.

UVU’s significant contribution to Utah’s startups

He commends the university’s unique pragmatic approach, leading the institute to foster a culture of practicality and application. The bottom line being the production of innovative creators who make substantial contributions to the global economy.

Meanwhile, &Collar founder, Ben Perkins credits his success to UVU and its Entrepreneurship Institute. He applauded the individualized attention, comprehensive resources, and practical trainings given to him, as well as the networking opportunities that proved essential in shaping his business. Perkins expressed his gratitude and intent to contribute to UVU’s Entrepreneurship Institute moving forward.

President of UVU, Astrid Tuminez epitomizes the university’s dedication to its students, following their progress and encouraging their creative aspirations. Her diverse background provides a global perspective that enriches the UVU community. She ensures strong administration-student relationships through regular classroom visits and faculty meetings. Under her leadership, UVU consistently aims for excellence and innovation, establishing a conducive environment for students to thrive.

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