Influential entrepreneurs shaping 2024’s business trends

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"Entrepreneurs Shaping 2024"

Entrepreneurship in 2024 is undergoing significant changes driven by innovative ideas, renewed vision, and the top ten influential entrepreneurs who are shaping the business world. The primary transformations revolve around sustainability, digitalization, and individualization facilitated by technological breakthroughs.

These influential entrepreneurs are pushing the boundaries with their out-of-the-box business strategies, aiding in evolving the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today’s market demands entrepreneurs to be adaptable and responsive to trends and changes. Hence, their vision focuses on sustainable solutions and digital transformations.

One such entrepreneur is Gautam Bhirani, Founder and CEO of TagTalk, a leading player in India’s dynamic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) sector. His distinctive approach and unwavering dedication to connecting brands and consumers have transformed India’s digital advertising sector. The manifestation of his innovative prowess, TagTalk, not only revolutionizes advertising but also lays out direct connections between brands and users.

Bhirani’s contributions have been recognized and rewarded, as TagTalk brought home the Innovative Solution of The Year Award at the Neon Digital Signage Awards in 2019.

Entrepreneurs driving business trends in 2024

Presently, TagTalk successfully engages with 20 million millennials and Gen Z users each month, securing 25 million posts via their unique content-sharing feature.

Another influential figure, Suresh Kumar, Founder, and CEO of Paybiz, has transformed payment structures in India’s tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Paybiz, a Chennai-based fintech firm, offers technology-driven services for smooth online and offline payments, and innovative solutions like Aadhar-enabled payments, making it a leader in the fintech landscape. Within only two years, Paybiz has witnessed remarkable growth, succeeding in serving over 1500 merchants and reaching a monthly turnover of ₹150 Crores.

Rahul Ghosh, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Social Current, is a leading authority in the creator economy with rich history in PR and a strategic approach to brand communication. Social Current is a digital marketing agency that specializes in social media collaborations and digital campaigns across various industries. Ghosh’s vision and strategic planning have positioned Social Current as a pioneer agency in influencer marketing. The business model is crafted to empower creators to reach meaningful business growth through strategic brand collaborations.

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