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A business writer is a type of writer who creates and manages an organized, researched, article, document, etc. This is usually done for a business and it can be in all sorts of media and formats.

These writers typically write on subjects pertaining to finances, economy, stock market, and other things that relate to that. A business writer must be extremely organized and a good researcher when they write their pieces.

Employers mostly require that you have a college degree at the bare minimum when they look for business writers. Degrees such as journalism, business, English, and more are the most common degree that they would have.

A business writer can be found working for magazines, newspapers, and other related publications. They make on average around $54,000 a year. However, the business writer makes about $37.30 an hour, which puts them at over $77,600 every year. This business is booming.

What Do They Do?

A business writer requires a multitude of skills. Their clients demand perfection and accuracy with their writing and so, certain skills need to be attained and an online plagiarism checker in place, in order to proceed with the career field. A business writer typically needs the following skills:

  • Computer Skills
  • Management Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Editing Skills
  • Organization Skills

A business writer on their day-to-day basis involves drafting up the plans and proposals to a business. They can also write reports on the economy and other financial factors. But, the important thing the business writer does is that they write out the information of the business to present to the reader who is looking at the plans of said business. It helps contextualize the plan or report in an organized way to understand it. Many business writers are also often freelancers.

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Other Duties

  • Research topics on business to supply readers with well-researched pieces on a certain subject.
  • Interview a variety of high-profile individuals such as entrepreneurs, representatives, businesspeople, and others for the interest of the reader.
  • Create content for the business they work for. This can include written articles, newsletters, and other related works
  • Work with shareholders in order to create company plans.
  • Write books on business.
  • Write essays. Customers can buy cheap essays written by professional writers.

How to Become a Business Writer

A business writer can be a really good gig to have as a freelance writer. But, it takes a lot of work, skill, and practice to make it successful. For starters, your success will lean on your knowledge of the business world. As well as persuading others that you can do the job. If you are in college or planning to attend college, having a business degree or a similar degree can push you over the edge of the competitors.

Having experience in the field such as shadowing, knowing people in the business, or internships also have a positive effect on your chance to become a business writer.

A surefire way to become a business writer is to vastly improve your writing. There are many ways to improve such as:

  • Practice your writing on a consistent schedule
  • Read all types of content to learn how writers express ideas and opinions in ways you may not know
  • Edit your work and triple check it to make sure everything is 100% accurate
  • Write with simplicity – your writing can be seen a positive if you write in a way that is easy to grasp
  • Make your points fast – a business writer needs to have concise content for the reader so that the content can stated efficiently
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What Kind of Business Writer are You?

Like most freelance writing jobs, there are many styles that you can take on. Here are some common writers you will see:

  • Content Writer: For the purpose of education and informing the masses with media such as blogs.
  • Copywriter: This business writer can and will work for multiple clients to improve the success of the company.
  • Ghostwriter: A ghostwriter is someone who will create content for a business with precise accuracy in what the client desires in the product.
  • Columnist: Independent writers that work with or for a type of publication. Their form of writing is opinion pieces on a myriad of topics.
  • Academic Writer: The production of educational content, usually for a college or educational-based organization. Their content is scholarly articles and materials.


Business writers have the important job of delivering precise, organized, and easy-to-read content for publications and businesses. This can be for the continued success of the company or one can write articles for a blog or publication. They must have many well-versed skills in order to remain ahead of the competition and to impress the clients you seek.

Be sure to have a strong writing style, know how to properly research things, and know your grammar and communication skills. With all of that at your fingertips, you will become a successful business writer.

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