What the Russian-Ukrainian War Can Teach Us About Leadership

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ukraine-russia war

Some places in the world are well-known for their ongoing conflicts. Other countries are known for their persistent threats to others. Currently, all eyes are on Russian-Ukrainian War where in February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made the decision to stay and fight for his country, instead of seeking refuge nearby. Here, we discuss leadership seen throughout the war by Zelensky and what it could mean for the end result of the war.

Ukraine Before the War

Once part of the massive Soviet Union, Ukraine has had to deal with conflict for many decades. In World War I and II, fighting took place on the land now considered their country. Then the Cold War happened and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Yet, the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War officially started in February 2014.

In that particular year, Russia annexed Crimea, an important piece of land for Ukraine. Then, for about seven years, Ukraine dealt with pro-Russian Separatists that wanted to rejoin Russia. Called the Donbas, this area is on the eastern side of Ukraine. It wouldn’t be until 2021 in April and October that Russia amassed its army on Ukraine’s border.

The Invasion Begins

In February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This is where Ukraine and its leadership come into play. Yet two years prior, in 2019, Volodymyr Zelensky was elected president. He was once a comedic actor known for his role as the Ukraine president on the hit TV show, “Servant of the People.” Because of the show, those who worked on it formed a political party of the same name. Zelensky and his party won and it was then, that they started to fight the corruption that plagued their country for so long.

In his short time as president, Zelensky has dealt with former President Trump’s attempt to create dirt on his rivals, handle the COVID-19 pandemic, and of course, the invasion from Russia.

While many leaders would have fled at the first sign of danger, Zelensky continues to stay in Ukraine for the entire duration of the invasion. Since the beginning, Zelensky has been praised across the world for his leadership in such desperate and hard times.

What has his leadership done to help the Ukrainian people and how can we learn from it?


Zelensky has shown an enormous amount of character. He has been an anti-establishment and anti-corruption president that has been working diligently to help his people. Along with other leaders of Ukraine and himself, they have reworked the Ukrainian army into a force that many seemed surprised to see at first.

Since the beginning of the invasion, few expected the effect against Russia that the heart and resolve of Ukraine’s population clearly has had. The fierce resistance that the civilians have shown to people across the world has been inspirational and its own style of leadership, to say the very least.


Ukraine’s people continue to fight against the Russian army with everything they’ve got. Many of us have heard all sorts of stories from the “Ghost of Kyiv” to the soldier known as Vitaly Volodymyrovych who sacrificed himself to blow up a bridge to halt the Russian army’s advance. All of these people have shown tremendous courage in the face of war.

Zelensky is no different from these brave individuals. He has visited the front lines and met with soldiers, he has avoided assassination attempts, and he continues to work with the world community to not just help stop Russia, but to bring Ukraine into a new age of prosperity.

Social Media and the Public

Social media has been keeping an eye on this destructive war since the beginning. Zelensky, at 44 years old, understands the power behind social media. He uses his Instagram account to speak to his fellow Ukrainians as well as the world. All of these can be viewed on his Instagram account and YouTube.

Zelensky and his other leaders have made many moving and powerful speeches to the world. He states that they will remain in the country and fight for it, only stopping when killed. His speeches turn out to have an incredible impact on how dedicated of a leader he is and the extent of his leadership style.


For more about Zelensky and how his leadership has impacted the world, we recommend seeking out more information about the president, the Russian-Ukrainian War, and what they are doing to stop the invasion.

Ultimately, many can learn from him and his techniques, business leaders being merely one. Be on the front lines with your employees. Recognize threats and fix them. Also, to have courage, character, and integrity in the face of injustice perhaps might be the biggest takeaway. These qualities help make a true leader.

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