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The digital marketing space is becoming more and more competitive, and that fact calls for adequate answers. Today, entrepreneurs looking to gain an advantage over their competition are turning their attention to content marketing. A solution bringing much more to the table than standard SEO activities. What exactly is content marketing and how can you employ it to elevate your SEO and traffic?

Content marketing is a synergy of link-building and direct advertising.

The main advantage of content marketing over traditional link-building is that it is not only about acquiring a valuable link. Yes, that’s also a part of the activity. After all, link-building is and will remain one of the most important aspects of gaining trust and authority for Google. But that’s not all there is to it. With content marketing, you work on everything at once. High-quality, expert articles contain both do-follow links. These directly affect the SEO score of your website. Plus, it affects valuable content, relevant to the interests of the readers.

By providing the users of high-traffic websites with articles that create engagement, you can reach your target audience and build brand recognition. As long as you’re choosing frequented, quality websites to publish your content on and the content is of adequate quality, you can be sure that some of that traffic will be redirected to your website. In this way, you directly advertise your products and services to an audience interested in that sort of service in the first place. (Since you’ve posted on a website that’s thematically related to your offer).

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Taking the above into consideration, we can safely say that content marketing offers more benefits for the prosperity of your business. Rather than standard SEO activities which revolve around acquiring links with minimal interest in much else.

However, you might be thinking: how exactly will you know which websites are valuable from a content marketing point of view to elevate SEO and traffic? And where to get quality content to use for that direct form of promotion? That’s easy. On the WhitePress content marketing platform, a place dedicated to providing companies and individuals with easy access to the highest quality content marketing.

Content marketing platform – what does it do?

It’s only natural that entrepreneurs looking for state-of-the-art SEO and marketing do not always know how to analyze websites, create content, navigate SEO factors, and so on. After all, they are specialists in their industry, not in SEO – there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what a specialized content marketing platform is for.

By registering with the WhitePress content marketing platform, you gain ready access to tens of thousands of websites to engage in content marketing on. All of them passed the strict scrutiny performed by WhitePress SEO and marketing specialists. So you can be sure that by publishing on any of them, you’re gaining exposure and SEO power. Of course, they are further categorized. As some of them are better for smaller needs (and offer a lower price per publication). Others are more expensive to advertise on, but carry a significant SEO and advertising punch.

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WhitePress offers 44,000 websites to publish on and constantly increases the offer. Furthermore, these websites cover 24 languages throughout the world. This provides companies with opportunities for advertisement on any market, bypassing language barriers.

In addition to publishing options, the WhitePress content marketing platform also allows you to order SEO and expert articles in any of the 24 languages, starting from English and going all the way through most European languages (and more). This is an excellent option for those who are looking for native-speaking copywriting from industry specialists. Without the need to employ them themselves. Simply outsource your copywriting needs to WhitePress and enjoy unlimited access to hand-picked professionals in the field.

Detailed performance analysis is the key to success.

Once you’ve already picked the websites to publish on, ordered your articles with do-follow links, and then got them published, it’s time to check on your results. That’s just as easy as any of the previous steps. Thanks to the free performance tracking script that WhitePress provides its clients with.

To make sure that their clients are always up to speed with what’s happening with their publications and how much additional traffic they are providing them with, WhitePress made sure that their content marketing panel comes equipped with intuitive and user-friendly analytical tools. No need to employ SEO specialists of your own. Everything is available in the very first place it started.

If you’re ever confused about any step of the process, you can always turn for help from the dedicated regional teams from WhitePress. Be it content ordering, choosing the proper websites, analysis, or literally anything else. These specialists are always eager to help their clients with any problem or confusion, swiftly providing advice, help, or resolving any problems.

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When using WhitePress services, you can rest assured you are never alone with your SEO and content marketing needs. On the contrary, they will help you elevate your SEO and traffic needs. You have a state-of-the-art team of specialists and professionals watching over the well-being of your business and digital growth. 

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