Who Is Clay Clark? and Why Is He Getting Sued?

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You may have heard the name Clay Clark tossed around in the news recently, and you might be wondering who he is and why he is facing a lawsuit. Well, Clay Clark is a Tulsa businessman and podcast host. The lawsuit is made on the basis of his remarks regarding election fraud in the 2020 presidential election. If you’re curious to learn about the details of this lawsuit and what all of this means for Clay Clark, read on!

Who is Clay Clark?

Clark Clay is a Tulsa-based entrepreneur. He owns part in nine small businesses ranging from fitness to roofing, medical and online education. Clay was introduced to entrepreneurship when he was in high school and started his first business from his college dorm.

Now at the golden age of 33 and with successful businesses generating passive income for him, he spends a good chunk of his time with his newest venture, Thrive 15. It’s an online podcast platform where Clay invites successful business people and budding entrepreneurs on a single platform and records their interactions, sharing real business-related wisdom and tips in 15-minute videos.

Clay is also a family man who likes to spend time with his wife and five children. He is strict about being home every night so the family can spend quality time together.

What’s with the Lawsuit?

Eric Coomer, the former security and product strategy director for Dominion, sued Clay Clark in federal district court in Denver for conspiracy, defamation, and intentional distress. He believes that Clark’s allegations like Coomer and Dominion helping President Joe Biden ‘steal’ the election are baseless. Coomer also alleges that Clark said Coomer deserves death punishment for treason.

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The lawsuit lists the name of Clark Clay and claims that he defamed Eric Coomer by making statements in front of live audiences that Coomer and Dominion were involved in voter fraud. According to the lawsuit, Clay said that Joe Biden was elected because of this fraud. According to Coomer’s filing, Dominion Voting Systems provide support for election in at least 30 states. So you can see how serious this allegation is and why Coomer filed the lawsuit.

clay clark

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The complaint states that Clark, Thrive Time, and the Reawaken America Tour conducted ‘a relentless defamation campaign’ against Eric Coomer.

The litigation seeks a permanent injunction that requires Clark, Thrive TIme and ReAwaken America Tour to remove all defamatory material or live broadcast recordings made against Coomer, among other things.

Parting Words

To make such allegations, Clark has to have some proof. Otherwise, it will become challenging for him to back up his statements if someone challenges him for that.

Plus, the current lawsuit is still something Clark must navigate through. Let’s see what happens and whether or not Clark withdraws his statements and deletes the material from the internet.

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