Who is the MARTA CEO?

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MARTA Transportation is the latest company to make headlines due to its former CEO’s sudden death and the interim CEO’s quick appointment. The agency is popular for its innovative and cutting-edge approach to transportation and its contributions to the improvement of the U.S. transport system.

The new CEO, Collie Greenwood, has already started handling the responsibilities of the former MARTA CEO, Jeff Parker, and is working hard to ensure the agency keeps functioning like before. With so much on his plate, what are some of the main responsibilities of the MARTA CEO? Read on to find out!

MARTA’s New CEO: Collie Greenwood

Quick Bio

MARTA, a transit company, based in the United States, has named its interim CEO, Collie Greenwood, who has experience in transit operations and executive leadership. Greenwood will focus on growth and improving customer service across all aspects of the business.

MARTA statementSource: MARTA

In his new leadership role, Greenwood will focus on growth and improving customer service across all aspects of the business. He has been a part of MARTA since 2019. He joined as Chief of Bus Operations and Urban Planning. Later, in 2020, he was appointed Deputy General Manager of Operations and Urban Planning.


Collie did his B.A in Political Science (University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) in 1988 and then joined the Toronto Transit Commission. There, he worked in several operations and administrative roles until 2000.

Greenwood was promoted to Rail Transportation Manager in 2000 and then the head of stations in 2012. He retired from TTC as Chief Service Officer in June 2019 and joined MARTA in July 2019.

Then, he served as Chief of Bus Operations & Urban Planning, Deputy General Manager of Operations and Urban Planning, and currently Interim General Manager/CEO.

The Tragic Death of MARTA’s Previous CEO

The 55-year-old former CEO of MARTA, Jeffrey A. Parker, died by suicide in January 2022. No one knows for sure what compelled Parker to take such drastic measures and end his life, but one thing is certain, he took MARTA to great heights during his 4 years of service.

Source: MARTA

Parker served in the public and private transportation sectors for over 35 years and joined MARTA in 2018. His responsibility was to lead the ‘most ambitious transit expansion and modernization program’ of the agency since its inception almost 40 years back.

However, 2018 was not the first time Jeff worked with MARTA. According to his bio on the website, this was his second round of working with the agency. He previously acted as a Senior Director of Transportation Operations for MARTA in 2005. Jeff led a wonderful career serving and benefitting the public and private transport sectors.

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What are the main responsibilities of the MARTA CEO?

The MARTA CEO is responsible for the company’s overall operations and growth. However, their core focus would be to ensure the seamless continuation of the transit expansion and modernization program. The late Jeff Parker previously oversaw this program.

Greenwood will manage the team, prioritize the goal of the company, and make decisions that affect the future of the company.

In addition, the CEO oversees marketing, product development, and other areas vital to success. He is also responsible for relations with shareholders, who are integral in decision-making processes, and holding officials accountable for results.

They are a critical part of the team. His skills and over 32 years of experience in the transport sector are vital to the company’s success.

Parting Thoughts

Undoubtedly, everyone at MARTA will dearly miss Jeff Parker. That said, the board members’ quick action to appoint Collie Greenwood as the interim CEO was smart to lead them through this time.

That said, we’d once again like to mention that if you are getting suicidal thoughts, seek help; start by calling the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or 800-273-8255. They’re available 24/7 to listen.

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