Who Owns Jaguar?

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Next in our “Who Owns” series is Jaguar. Jaguar is a very popular car manufacturer. It is all over the world with its various vehicles such as Land Rover and of course its sleek Jaguar sports cars.

But, who owns such a luxurious car brand and what have they done to remain successful? This article is all about who owns Jaguar and what we can learn from them. With that being said, let’s get started!

History of Jaguar

Jaguar Cars have been under Jaguar Land Rove since 2013. Before that, it was known as Jaguar Cars Limited. It was founded originally as the Swallow Sidecar Company back in 1922. The company focused on making sidecars before making the hull of a passenger vehicle. SS Cars would then make cars named Jaguar with Standard Motor Company, causing them to change their name to Jaguar Cars at the end of World War II.

A couple of decades later, the company merged with British Motor Corporation in 1966. After a few more years involving mergers with other British car manufacturers, it would then become nationalized in 1975.

Jaguar then splits off in the 80s, but at the end of the decade, Ford acquires it. Then almost a decade later, Ford sold the company to Tata Motors who then created the Jaguar Land Rover as a holding company. This allowed the subsidiary to now just focus on the brands of Jaguar and Land Rover.

Who Owns Jaguar?

Jaguar Land Rover is still under its parent company of Tata Motors. Tata Motors started as a trading company way back in the 1800s. The Tata Group became famous for creating the first hotel with electricity in India as well as the first hydro powerplant in West India and created the Indian Institute of Science.

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Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata and Chairman and Managing Director Natarajan Chandrasekaran run the Tata Group. Ratan Tata is the son of Naval Tata who was adopted by Jamsetji Tata, an Indian pioneer industrialist who created the largest conglomerate in India. Tata has a degree in architecture and joined the family company where he worked on the shop floor before moving his way up.

Tata then became chairman and worked to acquire several subsidiaries, which include Jaguar Land Rover. He also focused on making the company not just India-centric, but multinational. Tata is one of the largest philanthropists in the world and donates up to 65% of his income to a variety of charities. He likes to help with education, rural development, and medicine. Tata has also donated to various institutes for science buildings.

Tata has many awards including the Padma Bhushan and the Padma Vibhushan, both of which are the third and second-highest awards that a civilian of India can obtain respectively. He has gotten many others, especially for his work in public administration and contributions towards cancer research.

What Can We Learn From Tata?

Tata is someone who managed to get very lucky in life. His father being adopted by a major figure in their country allowed Tata to be born into a wealthy family. But, rather than just skate on by, he worked hard and got a degree. Then, he joined the family company and worked on the shop floor before moving up the ranks to finally Chairman.

Even then with his wealth, he managed to acquire several subsidiaries including the popular brand Jaguar. Still, he continued to donate a huge sum of his income towards philanthropy and charity. Even though he donates a majority of his check, he still has plenty of money left over.

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While Tata is not a household name, at least here in the United States, he can still be someone to be looked up to. He made sacrifices, worked hard, made smart business moves, and gives back to the community. If anyone should be a role model, it should be Ratan Tata.


That is all there really is to who owns Jaguar. While there is a CEO of the company itself, he is only the interim CEO and not the proper owner.

Jaguar is a company that has gone through many hands in its long history. However, its original founder, who went by the name of “Mr. Jaguar”, had a dream and created his sports car. Then, it became a popular brand worldwide.

Jaguar never strayed far from its goals and aspirations. It finally found its home with Ratan Tata and his massive multi-national conglomerate. Partly because of Jaguar, Tata Motors has over $35 billion in revenue as of last year.

Tata continues to find success in his work thanks to his smart business practices and philanthropy. Who knows, maybe your company will go through many changes of hands before landing somewhere perfect like Jaguar did.

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