Why This Pitch Competition Has Turned Into New York's Hottest Investor Feedback Forum

by / ⠀Startup Advice / December 6, 2011

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Today, I’m proud to announce that I’ll be teaming up with Graham Lawlor to host New York’s Ultra Light Startups Event.  If you’ve never attended the event before, it’s grown into one of New York’s hottest Investor Feedback Forums.  Eight to ten startups come and present their ideas in two minute or less to an outstanding lineup of judges from major venture capital firms and angel groups.  The winner gets an automatic bid to present to the New York Angels, the independent consortium of angel investors who have invested over $45 million into more than 70 early stage ventures in the last decade.

What makes this event so special is the valuable feedback that the investors give the founders.  This Thursday at NYU the event will be hosted at NYU and feature Greg Cangialosi, CEO at Nucleus Ventures, Owen Davis, Managing Director at NYC Seed, Nihal Mehta, General Partner at ENIAC Ventures and Marc Michel, Managing Partner at Metamophic Ventures.  Ultra Light Startups features scalable startups generally in technology or media who have not received equity investment.   It’s open to anyone to attend and it is a great networking opportunity as the crowd is filled with other entrepreneurs and investors scoping out new deals.

To pitch to at Ultra Light Startups, apply online and fill out your Gust funding application, the universally accepted application to angel groups and venture capital funds.   To attend Ultra Light Startups in New York or Boston check it out here.

Check out what the BBC had to say about Ultra Light Startups…

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