Will Your Business Connect to VoIP in 2013?

by / ⠀Startup Advice / February 18, 2013

Voice Over Internet ProtocolA new year means different opportunities for CEO’s nationwide.

Some will opt to hire new talent, others will streamline their budgets, while still others will look to embrace different technological ventures.

Whichever category you may find yourself in over the next 12 months, one thing you will likely be doing is shopping for the best products and services for your company.

That being said, is it time to take another look at how you communicate not only amongst your office team, but also with your customers? If so, there are options out there to improve the process.

One such option for CEO’s, especially the younger ones who are likely more adept at technology than their older counterparts, is VoIP (Voice-over-Internet Protocol).

According to an InformationWeek Research study of nearly 300 businesses presently using or planning to implement VoIP into their offices, 66 percent said it was for lower communication expenses, 43 percent wanted to combine voice and data networks, while 41 percent sought to obtain a platform for one-stop communications in at least two or more areas.

If this is the year you become more dialed-in to what VoIP can offer your business, think about the following:

* Better communication

VoIP allows you to not only have better interaction with customers, especially if you are overseeing a large call center operation, but also amongst your own employees. If you have workers that travel often for business or telecommute, VoIP can make it easier for everyone to be on the same page.

* Better savings

With VoIP, you can lower your office communication costs, especially in the areas of interstate and international calls.

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* Better diversity

VoIP is also a good option in that it allows you to conduct and receive calls via different outlets, including a dedicated phone line, your computer through a software-centered phone, along with a mobile phone that offers VoIP capabilities. You also have a variety of features available, some of which include chats, email, video conferencing, screen sharing, online seminars and more. Such features can be especially important when conferencing with both employees and partners.

* Better upgrades

Finally, one of your main goals as a CEO is to see your company grow over time. In that case, VoIP is a good option, allowing you to add more of the product for your business phones without outgrowing your PBX (Private Branch Exchange). You also a avoid having to change your number, meaning you just move your VoIP and plug it into the new ADSL line in the building. In the event you select IP-PBXs, extension numbers can simply go with employees wherever they end up without installation assistance and fees from a technician.

If 2013 is the year you decide to dial-in to what VoIP can offer your company, research the various providers out there, determine what your office needs are, and then settle on the right VoIP selection.

With VoIP, there is a good chance you will ring up more productivity, affordability, and a thumbs up from most of your customers.

With 23 years of experience as a writer, Dave Thomas covers a wide array of small business topics, including how Business VoIP works.

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