The Youngest Self-Made Millionaires…and Where They Are Now

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Learn all about a few young self-made millionaires who got rich before the age of 18. Discover how they got rich...and where they are now.

We all know that entrepreneurs want to make money. Some manage to do it when they are still young, with some doing it before they can even vote…these kids learned to make money quickly. They became young entrepreneurs, made it big, and are now rich. Most young people spend their youth hanging out with friends and working their first jobs like in retail or fast food. Others get lucky and make it big, just like the youngest self-made millionaires listed below.

Judith Brindak

Judith Brindak enjoyed sketching and drawing at the age of 10.

Later, when she was 16, she developed a social media platform called Miss O and Friends. This website is for tween girls to connect, chat, talk, write, and so much more.

Everything is by girls, for girls. It proudly showcases itself as anti-bully social media. It’s now worth around $15 million, although most of the revenue comes from ads.

Brindak has been busy since the launch of Miss O. In 2017, she was the executive producer and creator of a YouTube show called Hyperlinked. Marked as one of the first family shows for the at-the-time-brand-new YouTube Premium, the show is about female relationships, coding, entrepreneurship, and more.

Diane Keng

Diane Keng is just an 18-year-old entrepreneur who is now at work on her third business.

She was successful with her business, MyWEBoo which she co-founded. The service helps teenagers manage their reputation online and makes using the internet easier and more efficient. She also founded a teen marketing company and a T-shirt company.

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Keng then joined Apple as one of their software engineers. Between Apple and her own company, she has assessed over 100 automation tools that deal in marketing.

This has led to the creation of Breinify, which she co-founded and is an artificial intelligence startup. Breinify is a plug-and-play platform with AI that can predict and even act on a person’s interests. Breinify now generates 51% of online sales every year.

Dominic McVey

From London, Dominic McVey was importing cheap scooters from America when he was just 13 years old. He would sell them locally.

Just two years later at the age of 15, he was a millionaire. As of 2011, this self-made millionaire was worth $15 million and appointed as a “Pioneer for Britain in Entrepreneurism” by the Queen herself.

McVey runs a portfolio that includes music, cosmetics, media, and fashion. McVey is also an advisor for the Irish Government under the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment.

In 2009, he became interested in magazine and website publishing. So…he acquired the men’s magazine “Front” and became the youngest publisher of a national magazine in the UK. In the same year, he was also awarded the spot of second place for being one of the most influential people in business that was younger than 30.

Mike McDonald

Wanting to own a Lamborghini — but not having enough money that he would walk to the cheap pizza place far away — 15-year-old Canadian Mike McDonald didn’t want much in life.

He was also feeling pressured to get a job by his family. However, he wasn’t interested in normal teen jobs. Instead, he began messing around with online poker and started to make $80 an hour.

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McDonald ended up being a natural at gambling and became a millionaire. He was the third ever person in Canada to reach the $10 million mark in poker at the age of 24 and is one of 23 people in the world to have gotten the prize.

Today he is worth over $5 million. In more recent years, he has indicated that he was interested in becoming a grandmaster at chess.

John Koon

Born to immigrants in New York City, Koon launched his own company that imported Asian car accessories when he was in high school. By 16, he had wholesale accounts with Asian distributors.

This led him to pen a deal with MTV to provide products for their shows such as Pimp My Ride. He would eventually stop his business so that he could go to college where he got a degree in international business and management.

Koon would then go back into the auto business where he sold car accessories such as cell phone holders. This led to him getting into the garments industry and becoming a fashion designer as well as an artist. He founded Koon Enterprises with his success.

Koon partners with NYC for their Faberge Big Egg Hunt. This self-made millionaire is worth approximately $40 million and it’s estimated that his net worth will only go up.

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