10 Best Industries to Start a Business in 2013

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Best Industries To StartUp in 2013If timing is a critical factor in starting a business, then those interested in small business start-ups should take heed of growing trends in the society. A number of industries are seeing significant growth regardless of slow economic conditions. These businesses offer plenty of opportunity for new entrepreneurs in 2013.

Healthy Fast Foods

Fast food is one of the industries that has weathered the problems in the general economy. Working parents, singles and senior citizens often have little time or inclination for cooking, but they still are concerned about the foods they eat. Healthy prepared foods have picked up a significant market share in urban and suburban communities and are expected to continue growth for some time in the future.

Internet Marketing Agency

With the prevalence of the internet in business, companies must constantly maintain or increase their ability to stay in the public eye. An internet marketing agency take over these tasks so that business owners can concentrate on caring for their customers’ needs rather then attending to marketing tasks. Most business experts expect internet marketing agencies to continue to expand in 2013.

Elderly Home Care

As the population ages, experts project a greater need for elderly home care companies and workers. Most seniors prefer to stay in their own home as they age, and family members are not always available to help. Elderly care workers help seniors with household tasks, errands, transportation to doctors and socialization. The need for companies who offer these services is expected to expand in 2013 and well into the future.

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Home Fitness Trainers

Now that all medical experts are encouraging their patients to exercise for good health, home personal trainers are increasing in popularity. Many people do not enjoy the gym experience and are more motivated when they have a trainer to oversee their regimes and offer advice. Personal trainers fill this market niche with personal attention and convenient visits at home.

Green Contracting

As alternative energy and materials become more popular, homeowners have need of trained contractors who can repair and maintain the equipment. The “green building” trend is opening up new niches in the home contracting market for people who are interested in these new methods of building.

Pet Care and Grooming

As people spend more time at their jobs, they often require services to ensure that their pets are healthy and happy. This need has meant the growth in the doggy daycare and grooming industries that have added thousands of new businesses in communities across the country.

App Development

With the prevalence of smartphones, many people are considering new ways to use these devices to improve their lives and interactions. App development is a growing industry in which new technologies are used to reach customers, educate interested parties and improve the product experience. For those with a knack for IT, this is a field that will continue to grow over the coming year.

Home and Building Services

Maintenance services such as house cleaning, pest control, carpet cleaning and duct cleaning are becoming growth areas in the marketplace as people find they have less time and energy for these tasks. Particularly in areas of the country with a large number of retirees, these services can find continued growth throughout 2013.

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Small Business Services

Small businesses must often outsource their needs to other companies to avoid increasing their own costs. These services range from information technology to human resource management. Opportunities in these areas are expected to increase in the upcoming year as small business looks for new ways to save money in the recovering economy.

Retirement Recreation

Organizing recreational activities for retired people is another growth area in the economy as the population ages. Modern medicine allows seniors to be more active for a longer period of time, giving them more opportunity to enjoy recreational activities like golfing, bicycling, hiking, gaming and trips to local attractions. The need for recreational organizers is expected to grow in 2013 and beyond.

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