How Climbing to the Top Put Life In Perspective

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Travel / April 17, 2014

No, I’m not talking about the top of the success ladder (still climbing), but rather the top of Las Vegas’ most scenic rock reserves. Around mid-March, a close friend and myself went to Red Rock Canyon, a national conservation area in Las Vegas. One word: beautiful!

At Red Rock, you’ll find different trails from easy to moderate to strenuous in order to get to different focal points at the top. The entire experience put life, both personal and professional, into perspective.

Red Rock

Choosing Your Path

We arrived at the reserve, received a map (“our life plan”) and it was up to us to decide the trail we wanted to take. We took one of the moderate (more like semi-strenuous) trails and we knew we would work collectively to get to the top. In choosing our path, we understood that it wasn’t a trail we could take alone; we knew that we wanted a trail that would challenge us.

Whether personally or professionally, there are choices to be made; choices that will dictate your life path. In everything you do, from relationships to career to financial investments, the choices you make should always be about improving yourself. Improvement and growth rise out of challenges.

Getting Lost

Have you ever gone on a hike with no signs and didn’t get lost? Probably not. We made some wrong turns, meaning we had to turn back around, stop and find the more sensible route. When we were nearing the end, it was very questionable if we were even still on our trail or not. But, we kept going. We had some reassurance from those coming down from the top saying, “you’re going the right way” and “you’re almost there.”

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In spite of getting lost, we made it to the top. That came from persistence and perseverance. You may have a business venture that took a wrong turn, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of your business. It just means you need to re-work your plan, seek out advice along the way and push to see that venture through. You never know how lives can be changed from your idea.

Red Rock 2

Find Joy in the Journey

Hiking to the top with the sun out and being dressed in all black (genius) isn’t an easy task, but I would do it over and over. The entire experience from deciding our path to getting lost was so worthwhile. The good, bad and ugly all happen to build character, mold excellent students of life and create forward-thinking entrepreneurs. So with everything, find joy in the journey.

Natasha J. Benjamin is a two-time founder of a digital public relations consultancy and a performing arts nonprofit. When she’s not building brands in the PR sphere or focusing on school communities through the arts, she is blending media and culture through her penned thoughts. Natasha loves to connect with new people, so tweet with her here: @natashajoleen

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