11 Apps to Help You Succeed as a Nomadic Entrepreneur

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Apps for Nomadic EntrepreneursWhen I was reading 11 Tips to Succeed as a Nomadic Entrepreneur, I found myself identifying with a lot of the issues. While I wasn’t a full time nomadic entrepreneur, I was doing a decent bit of traveling, and had to manage my time as a freelancer and COO. In fact, many of us probably identify with issues of time management, organizational flow and controlling budgets on the move.

Since I wanted to become a full time nomadic entrepreneur in the near future, I sat down and tackled the biggest issues that would cross my path while I was on the road. It seemed obvious that one of the biggest factors for success in a nomadic business was being able to go mobile. I then started a list for the apps that would help professionals on the go. Hence, I bring you, 11 apps to succeed as a nomadic entrepreneur.

1. Dropbox

Scaling a business is difficult, especially before you start traveling. As a nomadic professional, sometimes the simplest course of action is the best. Keep all of your information, presentations, payroll sheets, and vital items safe and accessible simply by using Dropbox. Access your info from your phone, your tablet, or your laptop.

2. Fantastical

If you’re a traveling business professional, you have to admit that just the name of this app makes you happy. Its functions will make you even happier. When you have a tight schedule to make sure your adventures don’t interfere with work, creating events by voice alone saves time. Make lists, keep events safely separated, and use your time wisely and efficiently.

3. Mint

Income is a worry when you’re becoming nomadic. You need something that keeps you in touch with the funds you have. Mint does everything, from letting you know about your investments to keeping an eye on your spending habits.

4. Remember the Milk

As the name suggests, this app is a great for the details. It’s also essential for delegating from anywhere. Assign tasks no matter where you are. The ability to sync up via phones, tablets, and the web allows you to keep tabs on what your team is doing.

5. Documents to Go

If you need something a little more complex, try Documents to Go. It allows the creation and sharing of spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations, which lets you keep up with your employees’ accomplishments. You can also go in, make notes or changes, and share your ideas with them.

6. YouMail Visual Voicemail

Avoid issues with logistics and time management by scanning calls, reading your voicemail, and offering personal greetings even when you can’t answer the phone. Make the most of your time without the worry of missing important calls or adventures.

7. Wikinvest Portfolio

When revenue is an issue, you need to create spending and saving plans. This app lets you know about your revenue options. Wikinvest keeps you aware of your financial situation with the help of a professional community. You’ll never get stuck without money and you’ll worry less about your finances.

8. Evernote

In addition to delegating, it’s important to let your staff know where you are, where to reach you, and when you’re unavailable. Evernote lets you geotag, so while you’re keeping up with your coworkers, they’ll also know when it’s a bad time to bother you.

9. Wi-Fi Finder

As a nomadic entrepreneur, you also need practical apps. If you can’t find a Wi-Fi connection, for example, how can you connect with your team? With Wi-Fi finder, quickly find a wireless connection for your T-Mobile Nokia Luma 810, tablet, or laptop, and get on with your business.

10. TripIt

While traveling, keep track of all the details about your trip. Just keep your travel schedules separate from your work notes. This app also helps you keep up with rental cars, rooms, layovers, and canceled flights.

11. BizExpense

And if you get to put something on the expense account, why not? This app will help you keep track of your spending habits, while making sure you don’t dine on the company dime too often. Scan all of your receipts to make sure you’re not going over your budget.

With these apps, you’ll never have to worry about what’s going on back at the office. Can you think of anything else you need to become a nomadic traveler?

Kelsey Libert is a speaker, entrepreneur, and Internet enthusiast. She’s a chief development officer for a diverse website portfolio, where she runs the content development strategy and execution for several websites, and counting.

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