14 Strategies To Say ‘’Thanks’’ To Your Loyal Customers In 2014

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 Thank your customers

Do you gain re-shares or re-tweets by your fans or followers? YES.

What do you do in favor of those re-tweets and re-shares? Well, have you thanked your fans or customers for showing loyalty to your brand, hope so not? You might be unaware that these small gestures count a lot for your business.

If you spend a little time thanking your customers for showing loyalty, then it is surely going to count for your business. Now saying that you do not have time to say thanks as you have a busy schedule is a lame excuse.

If you can make time for your golf clubs or the three-course meals, then rewarding the loyal employees will just take a little more time from your busy schedule.

As we are after timesaving tools, so we all love to engage virtually, so as your customers. So why don’t you consider a virtual program to reward them back? Here, are some whacky ways to reward and be thankful to your customers.

1.     What about sending some hallmark e-cards!

You might send out handwritten cards to your clients, but for instant gratitude e-cards are just the apt fit for all occasions. Thank your clients for signing up newsletters or service, congratulate them on a lotto win, or greet them on their special eve like Birthday, Anniversary etc.

2.     Setting up VIP Clubs

You can set up VIP Clubs for best customers, to avail exclusive rewards such as discounts or free delivery. Many has been reaping many benefits with their VIP Clubs and incentivizing their customers. Therefore, grab this opportunity to spur your customers.

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3.     Stitch a personal thread of connection

People you must call up your clients after you render them with their first service and ask for their feedback. This will give you the opportunity to thanks and assign them a point person in your company. The experience is great! As it makes your customer feel valued. Thus, you will see increased engagement on social channels and easily grow a brand loyal community with those customers.

4.     Have a virtual lunch

If it is not possible for you to meet the clients face to face, then let your video conferencing work. It grows older fast. This year we have a clinging and exciting idea – try out a lunch virtually. Give a treat in your customer’s favorite restaurant and let them cherish a good moment instead of those boring video calls.

5.     A simple “hello” can say it all

Customers feel special when they receive a call honoring them with thanks for being loyal to the brand. Even if your sales agent makes call only few days or few calls in a week, even then it goes a long path to establish a strong bond you and your loyal customers.

6.     Cross promoting your clients

Many brands are there in the market, which likes to promote their customers. This strategy works far behind than estimated. Offer them with the suggestion to be writers, set up introductions and create situations that will help your company overall.

7.     Rewarding your client with special offers or discounts

If you look that your customers has been loyally paying you, give them the opportunity to enjoy your service with some special discounts. This is a big scope to enhance your goodwill. If customers get something of tangible value, then it can delight them depending on the business model. Thus, this could make you more money in the run.

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8.     Allow customers to have first-hand sneak-peak

If you have tech-savvy loyal customers, then they will surely enjoy the opportunity to sneak-peak your new services. Allow them to have access to beta-test, trouble-shoot etc. This opportunity will make them more engaged towards your brand.

9.     Customer badges give a separate recognition

Money rewards might not motivate your customers, but something extraordinary and personal can leave a mark behind. Customer badges are one such initiative that recognizes the customer milestones and treats them virtually for doing a good job.

10. Heard of the loyalty-card

If you have started to sell high-volume of products, then email stamped cards for every purchase your customers make online. As soon as they reach the target number, let them qualify for a free one, or let them collect few points to get a loyalty treat.  Do not forget the footnote saying ‘Thank You.’

11.  Time to do a little charity

Rewarding customers is no doubt great, but customers might start relying more on your brand if you reward those less fortunate. Such as when a customer buys a commodity in bulk, or within a certain number, let that purchase donate towards – giving food to a local pantry, or giving baby foods to orphanage or may be showing charity to the old age home. Customers will show up more as they will get a chance to benefit someone else in the community.

12.  Providing the extra value

Provide your customers with the extra benefit beyond what they pay. Informing customers over the email about timesaving tools, new trends, and customer will start appreciating your business even more. This shows that you take interest in your customers, besides selling them a service.

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13.  Feature your customers

It’s time to highlight your clients and their success they experience working with your product/service. Highlight them in a blog post and show how they have grown using your service. Let the world know how great they are, this carries more value towards your business repute than money. You can align their success with your brand and credit them with celebrity and acknowledgement.

14.  Have a referral program

Word-of-mouth is a great way to spread the word about your business. So ask your customers to refer your business to their friends and family. Keep a reward for each referral, customers make.

Merci, Danke, Gracias or Thank You … perhaps one of the easiest, yet you often overlooked. The best way to reward your customer keeping all aside is simply saying, “Thank You”.

There are so many ways to thank your customers. Consider all the ways a company can reward their customers to bring reputable business profits that counts.

Jason Smith is a writer and a guest speaker presently residing in NYC. He is keenly interested in the changing face of global outsourcing economy. As a single dad, he often finds it hard to maintain the work-life balance but still manages to make time for his baby boy, his band and golfing friends.

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