16 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Be an Entrepreneur

by / ⠀Startup Advice / May 29, 2013

16 Reasons Why You Should Be An EntrepreneurThe thought of starting your own small business can be a little scary, if not downright intimidating.  Still, there are many great reasons for you to give it a go. It is “easier” than it ever has been to start and run a business. Whether you are bootstrapping your business or you have venture capital, it is now arguably riskier to depend on your job. If the past few years have taught us anything, it is that what we thought was secure isn’t really secure and what we thought was right is left.

At CEO Blog Nation, we released the “I am CEO” Battlecry for entrepreneurs and business owners and released the first volume of our free eBook called the “I am CEO Handbook: Volume 1” that provide resources and information for entrepreneurs, startups and business owners to celebrate entrepreneurship and the impact that it has on the world. Entrepreneurs are vital and transform our world that we live whether it be the iPhone, Amazon.com or even your local hair stylist. There’s always the age old chicken and the egg question about whether entrepreneurs are born or made, but the bottom line is that entrepreneurs are those who develop innovation after innovation to improve our world. The ability to take “nothing” and build it into a business that helps employ thousands and generate millions in revenue should be celebrated and that’s what we’re doing.

Entrepreneurship is alive and well and here are 16 reasons why you should consider taking the plunge too.

  1. Most industries and businesses are changing.  Now is a great time to find opportunities in the chaos and destruction of changing industries. Provide a product or service that will enable you to earn a living despite while others struggle.
  2. To pursue your passion.  Part of the goal in starting your own business is to actually make a living doing what you love.
  3. You are able to reinvent the world.  In some ways, you may be redefining your personal perspective on “going to work.”  In other ways, you may be able to help improve the lives of those who purchase your goods or services.
  4. You will be your own boss (kind of).  You may not see eye to eye with your boss, but you can’t fire him or her. As an entrepreneur you will work for your clients, but you have the ability to replace and fire difficult clients. Owning your own business will enable you to experience being in control of your own workday.
  5. There is no ceiling on your professional potential.  When you own your own business, your creativity and skill growth can evolve and be used as you need them to for the success of your company.
  6. There is no cap on your earning potential.  You will be able to make changes and innovate as the market demands.  You will not have to ask for the approval of your “boss” in order to make the changes needed to ensure sales.
  7. You are the captain of the ship.  All of the responsibility falls upon your shoulders, but with that you have the freedom to steer your small business in whichever direction you see fit. You can even start your business part-time.
  8. You enjoy having multiple roles in business.  If you excel at multitasking, then being an entrepreneur is definitely a way to use those skills for the benefit of your own business.
  9. You have the opportunity to do meaningful work.  As your own boss, you will have a chance to do work that means something to you, and perhaps to those who benefit from your goods or services.
  10. You see a business opportunity.  Owning your own business allows you to stop wishing for a product or service to better suit your needs, and start providing one for you and others.
  11. Security. Business is changing. Fast. No business has the same security level as it did before the economic downturn.  Don’t let the usual fear of lack of security hold you back as it may have done in more economically secure times.
  12. You can start part-time. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs juggled multiple positions and opportunities before they took the plunge.
  13. You may want to prove to yourself that you could do it.  Being a small business owner is not an easy task, but succeeding at it may help you do what you always hoped you could.
  14. It is the only way to achieve your dream.  If you have certain aspirations in life, sometimes the only way to reach them is to be an entrepreneur.
  15. You were laid off from your job.  From your job you might have skills and an expertise that you can leverage into a business venture. If you don’t have a job, but still have a mortgage, student loans or credit card bills, you will have to start a business.
  16. You are a risk taker.  There is a certain amount of risk in owning a business, but if you can handle taking risks and the pressure it takes to run a business than you should take the leap.
  17. Bonus Reason: If you’ve ever torn your Achilles or had any other injuries, you’ll have some extra time on your hands.

Running a business is not easy and it takes a lot of time, dedication and energy, but so do a lot of jobs. Do your research and homework and determine if it is truly something that you are able and willing to invest in. Times are changing and so much business and our minds. Consider taking the plunge and live the dream.

Gresham Harkless is a blogger and writer for CEO Blog Nation and Local Media Consultant in the Washington D.C Metro Area. 

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