3 Important Factors For Generating Targeted Leads

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Generate Leads For Your Target AudienceDo you want to drive quality leads and increase sales?

So many young entrepreneurs are simply chasing shadows. They invest hours into marketing activities that doesn’t have a strong impact on their business.

I want you to avoid that. You need to focus on the three important factors for generating leads and making money. Because the purpose of you starting a website or blog is to offer a valuable product for sale and build a brand.

The product doesn’t have to be tangible like a digital camera or Jewelry. It could be a consulting service or freelance business.

Whatever you’ve set out to do online that can benefit the target audience; use these 3 strong factors to bring them to your website right now:

Indepth knowledge of your target audience

Do you really know who you’re serving? This is a question that can challenge the way you write content, do videos and record podcasts.

By the way, those are great ways to promote your website, but having indepth knowledge about your target audience is the key factor.

The truth of the matter is that if you don’t know who your ideal customer is, you can’t successfully convince him or her to check out your website.

It’s going to be difficult and contrary to what most people do when conducting market research, you’ve to go the extra mile and ask questions about your audience.

Get to know what motivates them. Spend adequate time listening to them. It’d be wise if you can find out the exact niche forums where this group of prospects hang out, and start relating with them.

Is your product and service useful for both male and female prospects? This is crucial to your succeeding in any online venture.

Are you targeting the global audience or a particular country/state? You’ve got to get this straight if you need targeted traffic that would truly convert into customers. And the second factor is…

Simple relationship funnel

One thing is certain, potential customers don’t give a damn about who you are, or what achievements you’ve had in the past.

Sure, those extra gems could help you gain cheap popularity, but to make lasting impact online, you’ve to have a relationship funnel. You’ve to care for people. There is no shortcut.

How does it work?

It works in a similar manner as the sales funnel used in the typical email marketing campaign.

The moment a potential customer subscribes to your email list, you’ve to redirect them to a resource page where they can get valuable study materials for free. Video trainings are powerful when building relationships. Text-based materials are also great, don’t neglect it totally.

As they say, first impression really matters and if you start off asking for sales, you’d miss out on the benefit of relationship building.

So, concentrate on what you can do to make your friend (prospect) happy. They came to you because they believed in you. To a large extent, this is the only opportunity you’ve to dazzle, convince, and prove your worth in the entire World Wide Web.

The competition is getting fiercer and to win the hearts of your target audience, let all your energy be redirected on relationship building.

Of course, you’ve bills to pay and so, you deserve to make money. But avoid every ‘pushy’ marketing habit. That’s what traditional advertising does and if you’ve been watching the media news lately, you’d agree with me that such types of advertising are fading away.

Content marketing is gradually replacing pushy advertising. Get to know YOUR people, because they’re real human beings, with blood running through their veins. They’ve needs and expect you to meet them. Connect with them emotionally and you’ll have won loyal customers for life.

Exclusive content with practical advice

One of the ways to engage and drive rich and dynamic traffic to your website is to produce exclusive content consistently. When I say exclusively, I don’t mean you’ve to craft extraordinary masterpieces. It mustn’t win the Pulitzer price award. Guess what? I’ve won it. Just kidding!

No, on the contrary, you could take on a common idea, insight or topic and add your own personal flavor to it. Your voice is unique. Just like everyone on the face of the earth has a distinct finger print and identity, your style ought to be different from someone else’s.

When you write content for your blog or as a guest post, don’t just replicate the same idea that your competitors have covered. It’s never going to compel people who matter to check out your website. Let alone buy your product/service.

The internet has been littered with generic articles and videos. That’s why Google penalized a host of content mill sites. Businesspeople, content writers and bloggers are no longer creative in their minds.

But the few people who go the extra mile, producing exclusive content continually always get outstanding results. They often become the go-to expert in their various fields. It doesn’t matter how tough the competition is, they’d always ride above what others sink into.

Take this home

What else can I say? The future and success of your online business is in your own hands.

If you don’t take responsibility by embracing the 3 important factors mentioned above, you would continue to struggle to break even. Don’t let that to happen!

How would you know if my practical advice will work for you? The only way to be certain is when implement them. So, stop reading and GO TO WORK. See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor runs a successful content marketing blog. 

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