3 Powerful Ways To Attract Customers for Your Saas Product in 2021

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3 Powerful Ways To Attract Customers for Your Saas Product in 2021

SaaS revenues are set to reach $113 billion by 2021, and the rapid growth is continuing to encourage new startups to try and get their share of the huge revenue potential in the market.

Thousands of creators bring forth their own ideas to make business life simpler, more efficient, or more profitable. But, only a fraction of them will ever see profits themselves. 

A staggering 92% of SaaS companies fail within three years, which means that some seemingly great ideas will never become fully realized despite the founder’s best intentions. But what can you do? 

One of the best ways to ensure a SaaS company’s success is to take a proactive approach in promoting it. If you have multiple ways to attract high-demand customers, sustaining the business and innovating becomes that much easier.

So, let’s look at some of the most powerful ways SaaS companies can attract customers in 2021 and beyond. 

Use Influencer Marketing

Even though influencer marketing is typically associated with eCommerce brands, SaaS companies can leverage what it has to offer just as well. 

After all, influencers are just prominent social media figures in a specific niche. So, SaaS experts usually have strong and very targeted followings on various social media platforms, which means the entire process can be easily replicated.

But what are some of the things you should focus on?

Well, first, you should look at how well their audience aligns with your own. Your campaign success will largely depend on whether the influencer’s followers respond to your product being showcased. For that to happen, they must be in a position to be interested. 

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You should also figure out which platform to target and where to look for the right influencers. For instance, if you decide to pursue Instagram influencers, you can use platforms that will provide you in-depth data about past performances and what you might expect in the future.

When you identify a few candidates, think of ways to present your product in an authentic way. Additionally, do so without clashing with the influencer’s voice and brand. The followers may be accustomed to a particular style of posts. So, think about how you can uplift your product’s unique benefits while making the post fit in.

Help Customers Understand Your Product

In the previous section, we mentioned how B2B audiences are often very sophisticated and educated about the available solutions. However, they are also busy and constantly bombarded with new SaaS products, so they won’t have a lot of time to understand what your solution can offer. 

So, one of the best ways to attract more customers is to help them better understand what your product is about. 

It’s great to utilize the growth hacking approach of growing your SaaS company. If you do, you should already know the importance of running tests to optimize your product and learn more about your audience. 

You could use these types of tests to gain insights about how to present the information to your audience more effectively and help them get to that “aha” moment sooner. 

For example, when someone signs up for a free trial, you could put together an email onboarding sequence. This would  walk them through some of the most critical steps in learning to use their product. 

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To make learning to use your solution easier, you could even create a knowledge base. Your knowledge base would serve as a hub where the most common questions and challenges around your product are addressed.

There are plenty of user documentation examples where companies have managed to boil down complicated subjects into simple and intuitive terms, which is the ideal situation when you’re trying to get people to click with your app and realize it’s what they’ve been looking for all along.

Having a knowledge base will also be very helpful when improving your customer support. Instead of having to walk users through each problem manually, your support staff will be able to direct them to useful resources that will end up explaining the solution even more effectively. 

Supercharge Your Content Marketing

3 Powerful Ways To Attract Customers for Your Saas Product in 2021

Content marketing has always been a holy grail for SaaS companies, allowing them to showcase their product’s value in an educational and non-salesy way that sophisticated B2B audiences can appreciate.

Making the product and its benefits simple to understand is always a top priority. Consequently, content can be the perfect tool for expanding on fundamental problems. It is also great for showing why alternative solutions are inferior, and framing the product as the final solution to the issue.

In any marketing strategy, you should use content marketing the right way for it to deliver good results.

You shouldn’t just simply post on your blog without thinking about how each piece of content fits your overall strategy. If you do this, you probably won’t see very good results. Hence, you will waste a ton of effort for nothing. So, how can you develop an effective content marketing strategy?

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How You Can Supercharge Your Content Marketing

Well, the first step is understanding your audience. You need to have a detailed profile of who they are, as well as their most pressing needs. You should also note what other solutions they might have been offered, and where they like to hang out online.

This can be very valuable in content marketing because it can assist in selecting where to publish your content.

Remember, content doesn’t have to be limited to posting articles. Today, it can also be videos, social media posts, and even a series of Tweets. If it gets the message across to the right audience, the format itself becomes secondary. This is because it’s only a means to an end. 

However, you should still try to get the most out of what content can offer. Sure, leads coming to you from third-party sites are great. But, if you publish on your own site, you can also optimize the content for SEO. Then, you can start slowly building traffic that you won’t have to pay for. 

Final Words

Attracting customers is one of the most important aspects of running a successful SaaS business. While there are many strategies to use, finding the ones that will offer the most rewards can sometimes be challenging. 

If you consider the steps above, it should be much easier to build a diverse and effective lead generation strategy. You can also better ensure that your website’s visitors will be more likely to become loyal customers. 

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