3 Simple Steps to Becoming a Millionaire

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simple stepsIf you are like most people walking through the world today you have likely fantasized about making millions of dollars at some point in your life.  Perhaps some of you have even had some great ideas some where along the way.

Even though many of us have probably had the urge at times to chase these million dollar ideas, few of us ever actually go ahead and attempt to turn these dreams into a reality.

So why do so few people actually go ahead and attempt to start a successful business venture?

Most people convince themselves that attempting to accomplish this is unrealistic, irresponsible, and too much work for the average person walking through life.

The truth is, creating a million dollar idea is far from unrealistic.

In fact, a million dollars does not carry nearly as much weight as it used to and is much more attainable then one might think.

As Justin Timberlake famously says in The Social Network, “A million dollars isn’t cool, ya know what’s cool?  A billion dollars.”

While I respectfully disagree with Mr. Justin Timberlake, there is some insight to be gained from this statement.  These days, a million dollars is not all that big a deal, and much more attainable than ever before. But perhaps the best part is, there are about a million and one ways to reach this goal. You simply need to learn the secrets to getting started.

The following are the three steps you should take in order to create your very own million-dollar idea:

Step 1 to becoming a millionaire – Find a void in society that needs to be filled.

Finding a void in society is the most important step you must take if you wish to become a millionaire.

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Ask yourself the question:  What need does society have that would make life easier for people or increase the quality of life?

If you can answer this question, you have won ninety percent of the battle.  Where there is a need, there is a market.

For me, the void came with online dating.  After struggling for years with online dating, I came to the conclusion that there were millions of men all around the world that were struggling with online dating just as badly as I was.  After eventually learning the secrets to attracting women online any time I wanted and conquering online dating, I realized that there was a huge void for those who needed help with online dating.   Millions of men were struggling and there was just about no help out there that was actually useful.  I decided that I wanted to help fill this void, which is now known as The REAL Online Game.

My point is, I knew there were millions of people just like me out there, and a need that had to be filled.  So ask yourself, what need are you able to fill in society?

Step #2 to becoming a millionaire – Pursue something that you have a large passion for and high level of expertise with.

I write about online dating because I am passionate about it and truly want to help people succeed.  As someone who has a teaching degree, and as someone who is also the son of a teacher, it is in my nature to want to help people.  In addition, I have an extremely high level of expertise with online dating and can back my claims up.

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My point is, any money that I receive comes secondary.  The desire to help people and my passion for what I do comes first.  You must be passionate and knowledgeable about whatever business venture you are attempting to run.

If you are not passionate about what you do, customers will not only sense this, but it will come across in the product or service you deliver.

Being passionate and having a strong expertise will help you to deliver a top of the line product/service and keep customers coming back for more.

So ask yourself the question, “What am I passionate about?”

Once you figure this out, ask yourself how your expertise in this area can help to benefit people.

And if you don’t have the expertise that you need, not a problem.  Start learning!  There are a million ways to become an expert at anything you do with all the knowledge available these days.

Step 3 to becoming a millionaire – Create a business that people can trust.

So you found a void in society that you are passionate and educated about.  The final step is to start building a business that people can trust.

People may like the product or service you are offering, but if they don’t trust your business, they will go elsewhere.  This is why most people tend to shop at chain stores and only buy name brand products.  They know that they are buying products and services that they can trust.

There are actually a ton of ways to build the trust your business needs.

For example, one way I build trust with my clients is by offering a 110% full refund guarantee.

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These days everyone offers a 100% guarantee.  This is essentially worthless to the customer because most people don’t want to go through a hassle, merely to get back what they paid.

By offering an extra 10% I take the risk out of the customer’s hand, and place the risk solely in my hands.  This consequently builds trust with the customer.

Other ways to build trust with customers is by gaining quality reviews, establishing a social network of fans and people who appreciate your business, registering with business bureaus, offering great customer service, etc.

There are countless ways to build trust with potential customers.  The sky is the limit.

Bottom line:

Don’t be afraid to dream big.  There are a million and one ways to make a million dollars.  Just find that void, build that knowledge, and get to work!

And if you get to that elusive billion-dollar mark, don’t forget my tip

Joshua Pompey is author of The REAL Online Game, the world’s most successful online dating guide.  Click online dating advice or online dating tips for more great information on what this guide can do for you.

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