3 Step Framework to become a Freedom Entrepreneur

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Many entrepreneurs spin their wheels trying to launch a business.  The problem is simple- you are focusing on the wrong things. In this 3 step framework, I will share just how to go from idea to thriving business. I believe that you can’t be the CEO of your business if you aren’t able to be the CEO of your life.  And this means to simply stop spinning your wheels on the wrong activities of business and get focused on the right things to take your business from push to pull so it allows you to get more time back for yourself and your family.


1.)     Strategy

First you must identify exactly who your offer is for, what results they will achieve, and why they must have it. This is your unique positioning which will separate you from your competitors. Your unique positioning is what will help you stand out as a leader or expert in your industry.  It is what will make the right people come knocking on your door and get people to say yes easily. If you can‘t tell why you are different, than you have no business. The key is to know your audience is.  Many people spend months and even years struggling in their business because they are offering their services or products to everyone, but the truth is everyone is not your ideal client or customer.  Everyone does not have the same problems. A great way to find out what your market wants is to create a survey.  You can use PopSurvey.com, Survey Monkey, or if you don’t have a personal network you can use the Panel of Millions at Aytm.com.

2.)     Marketing

Next, you must get your offer into the hands of your marketplace.  One of the fastest, cheapest ways to do that without a website is to partner with COI’s of Centers of Influence.  Centers of Influence are individuals who work with your same target audience but do not conflict with your brand by offering the same service. Every marketing effort is not right for each type of business.  Your marketing must use the same language from your unique positioning, which is your message.  Marketing is about going from selling to serving.  And in this new digital landscape it is important to relate to your market authentically.  Consumers, customers, and clients want to see who is behind the brand.  When a woman goes to Walmart and sees a Martha Stewart Cookset, they probably don’t buy it because it is the easiest stainless steel to clean.  They buy it because they feel a connection with the person behind the brand.  They see her as a friend that they know, like, and trust.  Do you see the difference? Find out your customer’s problem, find out what keeps them up at night, and you will have a thriving business.

3.)     Operations

Finally, this is where so many people fail.  You must put the right systems and people in place to keep you from burning out as a CEO and keep your business running even while you are asleep.  You can build a team by hiring experts per project so that you don’t have a monthly expense or you can hire a virtual assistant to work on a monthly retainer for specific tasks that you don’t have time for, don’t know how to do, or simply don’t like.  As a CEO it can be hard to stay away from the logistics and administrative activities of your business but remember, LITTLE THINGS MATTER!  You can create filters in your email so that you’re not wasting time on emails that aren’t priority. You can get an email marketing system like Aweber.com to send automatic messages to your customers or clients. You can use TimeTrader.com so your clients can automatically book appointments with you and it will keep you from answering the phone all day.  There are so many others ways. But most of us wait until the last minute to put these elements to work and our business soon starts to feel like an unfulfilled job. Don’t look at hiring others as a decrease in your income. When you hire others you as the business owner can focus on high producing activities that generate money.

So your work for today is to look into your business and find ways to save yourself more time and headaches.  Look at what items aren’t directly resulting in income and look for a way to automate it or delegate it to someone else.  Congratulations!

You’re off to becoming a successful entrepreneur full of freedom for yourself and your family!

Jennifer Gaddis is the founder of Ignite Your Freedom Training and the creator of the show HeelsandJeans.com. Heels & Jeans Media teaches busy mom-preneurs and women in business how to have the best of both worlds, a highly successful business along with achieving freedom emotionally, financially and physically to experience a great life. Through her “Do Something Different” Initiative, Jennifer helps women become the CEO of their own business to design and live a highly intentional, purposeful life. Jennifer reaches women around the world, helping them get their time back for themselves and their families- all while building a highly sustainable, meaningful business that runs almost on autopilot.

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